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Late Night

Late Night

My mind creeps into sullen darkness.

Thoughts of you like shadows through the glimmer of light through my window. 

Feelings of despair as my last breath exhales from my lungs.

 The place you used to dwell is now empty

No traces of sweet peppermint in the folds of my pillow case

No stray hairs tangled in my beard to lovingly pull out in remembrance of torrid nights amongst the comforters.

Haunted by restlessness and longing for warm smooth legs resting against mine. 

Breath gently flowing over my neck and face as you sleep peacefully just below my chin.

I couldn't sleep so you put me under your spell

On top of me while the bed groans under momentous pressure of lust

And I relax finally under bliss. 

It's quiet now. 

So quiet it's louder than the world when it's wide awake and I gaze upon you and wonder if God placed you here to save me or punish me.

I deserve this love or am I undeserving for all the pain I might have caused along the way?

Broken pieces of glass and cut fingertips from trying to pick up shattered hearts 

We try for so long to hold onto what we probably shouldn't of grabbed in the first place. 

The first taste lasted for 7 years but the last one will burn forever in the back of my mind.

The emptiness of my dwelling place and the bullet right through my heart. 

Another late night

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