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Legacy: King James' I PROMISE School

Legacy: King James' I PROMISE School

What is legacy?

Something that cannot be tarnished by defeat. 

It is defined by the seeds one has left behind to one day become a mighty oak.

It is blood, sweat, and sacrifice. 

It is putting your all into a purpose greater than self.

It started in the small town of Akron until it traversed the world.

It is building a throne out of hardwood floors in front of the eyes of millions. 

It is bigger than a televised game and post analysis of what could have been.

It is standing firm on purpose throughout scrutiny. 

It is growing up as a flower through the concrete and blossoming for all to see.

Legacy isn't cemented in riches, nor does it immortalize itself within trophies.

Legacy is getting knocked down 9 times and getting up 10.

It is not forgetting where you came from.

Remembering that you too were once the child in the park counting backwards from 5 before hoisting up that final shot.

Watching your mother struggle to make ends meet yet still scrapping enough money for game day shoes or still giving it your all when she couldn't.

Legacy is defying the odds in the face of adversity or becoming a King when you were still just a boy.

What we do while we are alive matters even more when we are gone.

The footprints left behind shouldn't discourage us for leaving even greater ones.

The blueprint we create for our children and our children's children, for the generations still to come.

No missed shot, no record, and no single loss will ever change that, when you have simply grown larger than the game.

King James

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