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Fiction Series: Libido Liberated - Part 4

Fiction Series: Libido Liberated - Part 4

I woke up to a face full of hair and warm breasts at my back. I hadn’t slept cute enough for my scarf not to slide off in my sleep. Grabbing a scrunchie off of my nightstand, I went to shower and brush my teeth. As H.E.R.’s voice echoed in my bathroom, Courtney joined me in the shower. She began washing my back and I inhaled deeply, enjoying the sensation. After brushing my teeth, I hand her an extra toothbrush and walk to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  Her cellphone rang and she answered hastily. It was Maurice. She paced my living room, explaining why she didn’t come home last night. I smirked as I prepared water and milk for grits and took the bacon from the package. She walked over and kissed my neck from behind; one of my weaknesses. I closed my eyes briefly and inhaled deeply, appreciating the feeling.

“You make me feel so comfortable. I really enjoyed myself last night.”

“Good. I’m glad you had fun. I did too.” I handed her a plate of food and a cappuccino. “How’s everything with Maurice?” She giggled. “Girl, he is just having a man tantrum because I told him I had sex with a woman last night and I didn’t call him. He’ll be aight.” We shared a laugh and finished breakfast. She grabbed her clothes from the dryer and went about her way, continuing her day. I, on the other hand, ad the day off so I rolled a blunt and poured a glass of wine. I plopped down on my couch and put my Apple Music on shuffle. As I perused my various social media apps on my phone, a text popped up:

Hey! Just wanted to say again that I enjoyed myself and I look forward to seeing you again. Have a great day!


I responded and tossed my phone on the next cushion. I had initially planned just to have a one-night stand with Courtney, but she seems to want to come back for more. I wasn’t mad at all. She was gorgeous and amazing in bed. It just caught me off guard. I wondered how she wanted to move forward. She didn’t mention Maurice after our initial meeting and I didn’t know if she was harboring ill feelings about it, despite what happened last night. I sipped my wine and took a pull of the L and leaned back on the couch. I was prepping myself for a nap when my phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hello, this is a personal business call for M-…”

I hung up the phone. I am not sure what made debt collectors think that calling your phone back to back would do, but I wasn’t in the mood. I put my phone on Do Not Disturb and put my phone on the end table and melted into my couch. About an hour or so later I awoke to my phone going off repeatedly. It had to be someone in my VIP list. It was my sister Marian texting me:


I rubbed my temples. Talking to my only sister was always a task, but I tried to stay positive. My buzz was instantly killed. I drudgingly clicked her contact and called her. “Maddy. Girl, I have found the one! He makes me really happy!”

Marian had the worst luck with men and she thought every man she met was “The One.” After baby number five by baby daddy number four, you’d think she would get the hint. She called me The Dick Whisperer, so she called me every time she met these bozos and my concerns were always the same. I never wanted to judge my sister; I just wanted her to be as tired as I am of the bullshit she goes through. “Girl! We went on a few dates and he is so sweet to me! There’s this one thing…” I already knew it was going to be something she would later excuse. “His second baby’s ma-…”

“Marian. Let me stop you right there. How many co-parents are there between you two?” She falls silent in embarrassment. “MAR?!” I demanded. “Six, Maddy. There are my kids’ four fathers and his kids’ two. “I could tell she was hoping that I’d soften, but this was just a lot. “Sis, I’m sorry but there are already eight people, including you two in your relationship. Adding the kids, that’s fifteen people; did y’all even think of this be-…”

“SEE! You can’t ever reserve your judgment and just be happy for me!” The more she yelled into the phone the more agitated I became, but I didn’t want to make things worse. I definitely was not about to spend my day off arguing about other people’s problems. “You know what, Mar? Don’t call me with your shit unless you want me to speak what I think. Be blessed. Do not call me back” I hung up and instantly became annoyed that I ruined my own day by answering in the first place.  I missed the days when you could dramatically snap a flip phone closed. I skipped the wine and made myself a ginger beer and Jameson and rolled two more blunts. The moment I looked at the bottle of Jameson I had realized – I hadn’t had sex with a man in about a week and a half. Since meeting Maurice, that had been an extremely rare occurrence. The task of taking dick was now all that I could think of. I had men other than Maurice to call, but he was my favorite. I dialed his number and let it ring four times then hung up. I knew it was the middle of the day and he was busy at work. As I scrolled through my contacts and found other men to text, Maurice texted me back:

Hey gorgeous. I am in a meeting. You good?

I was intrigued by his response. It didn’t appear that Courtney had told him about our rendezvous. He would’ve definitely brought it up by now. Either way I was trying to straddle his face. But of course, he couldn’t make it:

Oh nothing, just wishing my couch was your face instead. I bit my lip and another text came in from Derek:

Hey. Long lunch today. You off? Want some company?

Maurice: I can definitely make it after the gym later. After 9 sound good?


I responded yes to both and got up to change my sheets. They still smelled like last night. As I was putting the finishing touches on the bed, there is a knock at my door. Derek stood in all his fine ass glory. He was maybe my second favorite boy toy; fine as al fuck, a great lover, and he always brought food or snacks or both. Only thing was, he could be really immature, so I didn’t tend to spend much more than an hour or so with him at a time. I love when somebody caters to my knack for food. He stood at my door with two Publix subs, some chips, a drink and various candies. He also had a pickle for me.  By that time it was time for lunch, plus the munchies had kicked in. We chomped hungrily on our food and watched Bob’s Burgers. We caught up and spilled the goings on in our lives. He was at a new firm. I had been promoted. Things were going well for both of us, it seemed. 

Somehow he had wound up on the floor with his head between my legs, all of twenty minutes into the show. I whimpered as he kissed my inner thighs, going back and forth before settling his warm mouth directly against my clit through my panties. My body ached for him to do more, but he just hovered there. He licked the crease between my thigh and my lips and that made me beg for him to taste me. He slid my panties to the side with his teeth and gently French kissed my pussy until I was softly moaning, rubbing his head slowly. He knew exactly where my spots were. He pulled me closer to his face and feasted like there was no tomorrow. My breathing became increasingly rapid and that familiar fire grew in my belly.  The closer I got to orgasm, the more I arched my back. The orgasm climbed up my back and down to my fingertips. I felt it in my toes. I shook violently and there was a huge wet spot under me on the couch. I’d have to clean that later. Derek flipped me over and began deeply stroking to me from the back and I clawed at the couch pillows. His grip got tighter around my hips and he slowed the strokes down even more. I moaned deeply and pulled him into me. After having a second orgasm, I kicked into overdrive and put my kegels to works. I wanted to relish in his orgasm without rushing. He braced himself and he couldn’t hold back any further. He came hard so hard that he pulled out, pulled the condom off, and released himself in a pool in the small of my back. I lie there, sweaty and satisfied as he went to grab the warm rag. I was going to shower anyway, so I tell him to forget about it and join me in the shower. We take a quick shower and he goes about his day. I finished my earlier blunt and decide to do some meditation. Once I was done, I realized it was the evening and Maurice would be coming over soon:

Hey, I’ll be leaving the gym soon; we still on?

Me: Yep. See you soon.

Around 9:10 pm, Maurice knocks on my door with flowers and wine in hand.  I grabbed the flowers from him to put them in a vase and we both walk into the living room. Maurice had a doofy smile on his face and I realize he’s been looking in his phone. He put his arm around me and pulls my legs into his lap. “What are you over there smiling about?” This was pretty much the first time we had spoken since I found out he had a girlfriend. Sabrina Claudio paid in the background as we went over how Courtney had had sex with a woman last night and she refused to tell him who or to share. I snickered to myself. “Did you not do the same thing to her? Are you rally upset or just salty because she finally did something without you?” He signed. “Who know?” We sat silently for a moment. I wasn’t going to be quick to tell him it was me if Courtney wasn’t. I was as involved in their relationship as I was willing to be.  I straddled him and sucked his tongue. Time to change the subject. He leaned back and palmed my ass. “I’ve missed you.” He uttered between breaths. I remained silent and took his shirt off, licking his nipples and kissing down to his belly. It had been a while since I recorded myself doing anything sexual, so I told him to record it. As he did, an alert went off on my phone. It was from an unsaved number and it was a photo. It was a video of a woman playing with her pussy. It was Courtney.

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