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Poetry: Live Without Fear

Poetry: Live Without Fear

I spoke of Kings Queens headless horses 

No remorse for the fallen 

I pity no man who hasn't found strength in his calling

Higher ups look down on us from perches of metal thrones

Blood and bone paved the way for a society driven by greed 

And I bleed for love, I cry out for peace.

My mood is interpreted by false prophets on pulpits on high but who gave you power?

Not me. I don’t remember calling your name to lead us but I do remember paying offering for your teachings.

And try as I may to break free from the chains of my own wrongdoing I am still reminded that my flesh is a burden.

Who am I hurting by just being me? Is my smile too much for you to digest, why is my happiness a problem for you?

The rhythmic pulse from the tantric drum moves me and you can’t understand my movements, but it’s okay. 

We don’t have to see eye to eye in order for me to live and, who said that we have to coexist? 

Shit, all we have to do is respect each other and live but as long as we are living why not live fearless?

Why not break down walls together and find out deeper meaning together?

Why not venture out beyond what you see in front of your face, take life by the horns and wrestle it down to the ground and declare that you won’t conquer me.

I am master of all that I survey and won’t be corrupted by selfishness. 

I will freely give back to Earth what it has given to me.

I will stand in unison with my brethren against tyranny and be a voice for the silent.

I will live without fear.

No Face: A Poem for Stephon Clark

No Face: A Poem for Stephon Clark

Photo Series: S.O.S. (Shot On Sight) Vol. 33 - East Oakland, CA

Photo Series: S.O.S. (Shot On Sight) Vol. 33 - East Oakland, CA