Far from timid • Caveat Lector

Loch Skeen

Loch Skeen

I’m looking for you.

I’m looking for it.

Somewhere to be found.

Something to see.

It’s here.

No, I’m not sure what it is but it’s around.

Somewhere among these hills.

Somewhere between the sheep.

Somewhere hidden within these waterfalls. Maybe it’s under these rocks.

It has to be here, somewhere.

The path is narrow.

The ground is slippery at times but we hold on.

These walking sticks that we found on the way here were a great idea.

I don’t need it to carry all of my weight.

It just makes it a little easier.

We climb.

Sometimes, off of the usual path to see what else is around and find a clue but not too far.

We don’t know where it’s going to take us but as long as there’s a trail, we’ll walk.

People pass and speak.

They all seem to have found what they came to see but we’re not quite there yet.

We continue.

We walk on.

Stopping every so often to admire nature’s beauty, it actually looks fake.

At the same time, how can you think that something artificial could look better than what was given to us by nature?

This is beautiful.

We near the end.

As the trail curves, we do the same.

This particular curve was a lot different. Stunned by its beauty, we stop.

We are in awe.

We smile because it was worth it.

It was almost like a silent high five.

Photos do it no justice.

Everyone should witness this for themselves.

The water is calm.

The sheep are relaxing.

There’s even a dog up here swimming in the loch.

It’s owners are stretched out on the grass.

It’s all so calming.

Nothing like the noises that you’d normally hear.

Just nature.

I’m okay with that.

They say the best things in life are free.

I agree.

The 2 pounds for parking was well worth it.

A justified expense.

This is surreal.

If lochness monsters exist, they have a beautiful home.

Now, for the journey down.

We won.

We continue to win.

Grey Mare’s Tail and Loch Skeen are conquered!

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