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His Love Bruised - a poem

His Love Bruised - a poem

I apologize, if I 

Shrink back as you 

Lean in, seemingly startled


It’s just that

His love it…

Tended to



Gentle when he was attempting to 

Steal my love, to 

Enter my love, pressing 

Ignoring the pain, agony

Written on my face as I 

Allowed him

Back in

Time and time again, and it 

Always ended the same 


With him, standing over

Me, breaking me


Curled into whatever position the

Throbbing in my sides required to 

Limit the amount of times his

Love made impact with old scars

And he’d say

He was teaching me to

Endure, teaching me to

Be loyal, teaching me

Teaching me 

to love and each time it

Bruised, the lessons

Were efficient, I learned


I learned to listen but oh

How it hurt, when he loved me

When he

Was present, when he

Was attentive, oh

How I felt it, when

I watched him laugh as

I clenched my womb 

In an attempt to keep what would’ve been ours

From feeling his love, too

I’m sorry

If I, don’t understand

What it means to 

Take things slowly

Slow was never his specialty, he

Needed me 

To be

Ready, always be ready

And so I was

Always ready

For warm baths and candlelight

After sleeping off 

The weight of his love, move slow to

Keep my head from spinning, stand

Up straight because he

Hated to see what his love could do, he

Hated to see me, he hated the truth

He’d run his fingers across the places his

Love had been, baby

Stop shaking, baby

Be patient, baby

No one will

Love you, the way

Love you, and I was

Grateful, because I 

Was too fragile to

Take any more love, so

I apologize, if I

Shrink back as you

Attempt to lean in, I

Need just a little more time

These wounds are still healing 

His love left an


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