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Love...Love - a poem

Love...Love - a poem

Love like this isn’t for the weak hearted.

You’ll be pushed away, pulled in closer, spun around and knocked off of your feet.

You’ll feel the rush of fresh feels.

You’ll feel that pit in the bottom of your stomach.

Each time it draws you near, you’ll want to run from it.

Maybe it’s going to be just like the last one who was supposed to be the last one.

Maybe it will unlock a new ventricle of your heart.

A new chamber filled with love that you never knew existed.

Maybe it will be that last train out of town that you’ll regret if you miss it.

There’s always another one coming soon, you say.

Maybe in an hour, maybe a day or a week.

Who knows?

What would have happened if you had caught THAT one?

You will never have that same opportunity again.

The perfect time to make the perfect connection.

You know what is for you will find you.

In a world so corrupt and negative, you seem to stay in high spirits.

No rush to chase it.

It just happens.

It will always happen.

Through the hardships and struggles.

Through the slick remarks and smart ass rebuttals.

Through the mystery and uncertainty of starting something new.

Through the process of finally finding YOU.

Those nights of tossing and turning seem to be worth it.

Those trials and tribulations have served their purpose.

The mood swings and tears.

The confusion and overcoming your deepest of fears.

We’ve stood together.

Even through times when we were forced to change who stood first or the longest or in the front.

Always well protected.

The respect is there.

Even at our lowest points, we were able to come to an understanding.

One hand washes the other, they both wash the face.

Together, anything is possible.

Together, we are unstoppable.

No, it probably won’t get easier anytime soon but there’s still time to grow and plenty of time to bloom.

I Love You.

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