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Lover: I miss your lips.

Me: Really? I actually just started to like my lips, this year.

Lover: Me too.

Me: Are you coming over tonight?

Lover: Wear that one piece that I like.

Lover is a friend of mine. Word to Kelly Price. I met Lover through Twitter. Technically, through a brunch but same thing. Lover became an intricate part of my life. Lover is a flight attendant and the base is in my city. Located in the same city, I saw Lover around twice a week. We discussed how we never crossed paths before. Then again, we are home bodies. Whenever life is coming at me, Lover came through and made sure everything is good.

Lover: Time?

Me: Let’s say 10?

Lover: ok.

Lover2: Hi. I miss you.

Me: Hey! I miss you, too. I’m having company tonight. California isn’t close.

Lover2: that’s fine. You know the rules.

I clean up my neglected bikini line. Lately, sex is the last thing on my mind. I let everything go. And everyone. It is awesome.

10 pm.

Lover: Outside

Me: Door is open.

I sit on my couch in a white lace bra and white boy shorts. Lover walks in and stops.

“Well, you look amazing. Come kiss me.”

I make my way over to Lover. Kissing Lover, some way I am back in my bedroom. Thankfully, I made my bed up earlier and changed my sheets. Lover spent as much time in my bedroom as I did.

“Can we record tonight? You spend so much time at the other place, I figured I could actually get some time with you. And I want to taste you.”

“Anything for you.” I hear lover respond.

Lover gets undressed and joins me on the bed.

“I love you in white, but take this off.”

I unrobed in front of Lover slowly.  Lover licks my breasts when my 36DDDs spill out of my bralette. Lover licks and reminds me how full my titties are.

“Can I taste you?”

“When have I said no?” Lover works down my body. Slowly getting to my yoni, which is already soaking. I miss Lover’s mouth on me. I miss Lover. Lover opens me up and licks. Probes. Licks. Circles. Licks. Dips. Licks. Lover hits all of my spots without breaking a sweat. My clit seems to be the main circle of assault.

“Baby. Make me cum. Please.” I plead.

“No. you’ve been naughty. This is punishment.” Lover places hands around my throat and squeezes. I feel light headed but I can feel the orgasm building deep in me.


“Are you expecting company?”

“No. I’ll get it. Lay here and wait on me.” I grab my silk robe and walk to the door.

Lover 2 sticks his head where I can see through the peephole.

Lover 1 is in the bed waiting to use her strap on me

I am in trouble.

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NCAA Football: The Playoffs are Coming

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