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Lyin' King - a poem

Lyin' King - a poem

We never experienced the back and forth bullshit. We never had any real drama to deal with.

We never held back about a single thing but you decided to take your throne as the Lyin King.

What I want to know is why?

Why after all of this time, you decide that now was the time to lie?

Needless to say, this wasn’t a match made by cupid but don’t play me like I’m stupid.

I don’t think that you know what you’re doing but an insult to my intelligence is far worse than the lies that you’ve been spewing.

We made it clear from jump.

You make it look so easy to please me but I don’t feel like you’re any good for my mental.

Yes, I’ll most likely miss the way that you’d come for me every time that I sent for you.

Believe it or not, as much as I love seeing you stand there in all of your glory, this situation is starting to bore me.

I mean, we haven’t lost that connection but this thing is running its course.

These bullshit stories are something else.

Not because I’m believing them but because you really think that I am.

I know all about your type. You won’t initiate it but you’ll wait for the right time to pick a fight.

We were never meant to be. We became each other's newfound hobby.

We just happened to keep navigating through those hotel lobbies.

Late night hugs turn to Good morning kisses. Now that we can be no more, there's no hard feeling just a lot of well wishes.

There’s plenty of em in the sea so it's nothing for me to keep fishin.

When it comes back around I hope you have the strength to hold the plates that you've been dishin.

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