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Fiction Series: Magic Words Part 4 - Series Finale

Fiction Series: Magic Words Part 4 - Series Finale

An hour later, I was sitting in my office, in the dark, staring at the ceiling. My phone flashed and a message appeared from Cree’s number. I opened it to a video. There was darkness at first, and then the camera light came on, showing a pair of open thighs; Cree’s thighs. She spread wider, and began to touch herself. Her fingers rubbed her clit, slid in and out. Then I heard her moan. My pants suddenly felt tighter and my mouth was dry. I watched her touch herself, heard her pleasure as she moaned and whimpered. A few moments later, her fingers went faster, hurrying to her impending orgasm. Suddenly she stiffened and gasped.

“Danny, I need you,” she called out and then the video ended as the phone dropped. I sat back in my chair, struggling for air. Then I got up and went downstairs, heading to the kitchen and grabbing my car keys from the hook. I got into my Tahoe and hit the button for the garage door opener, pulling into the street. I raced through the streets, anxious to get across town to Cree’s house. I’d bought it after we’d been together three months. She’d lied and told everyone she’d bought it with her saved pension money. I made sure she wasn’t anywhere near me, and normally I also made sure never to drive to her house, since she didn’t have a garage

and I didn’t drive the most inconspicuous car. But tonight was too urgent to wait for a cab. She’d said the words. She’d moaned the words. I was going to make her scream the words.

I parked a block away and ran to the house, using my key to get in the door. I locked it behind me and headed up the stairs to the master bedroom. Cree was lying in bed, naked. She looked to be asleep. I dropped my coat and went over to the bed. I climbed in and spread her legs, diving in with my face. My tongue found her clit with the accuracy and precision of someone who’d found it many times. And I had. I began to lick, my hands climbing up to her breasts and rubbing. Cree gasped, and then screamed. I think she came before she was even fully awake.

“Tell me,” I panted out, as I tasted her thoroughly, feasting on her. Cree shook and put her hands on my head, pushing and tugging, the pleasure so intense she didn’t know if she wanted to pull me closer or back away. I put her legs over my shoulders and used my arms to lock her thighs in place.

“Hold still. Tell me what I want to hear,” I said in a low voice, before going back to tasting her. Cree’s moans were broken, tortured, sounding like sobs. Her cream dripped from her body to my tongue. She came again, and again. I didn’t stop. I didn’t know how to stop.

“Danny, I need you,” she yelled, her body going into spasms. I lifted my mouth, kissing her thighs one last time before I sat up and moved up her body. I kissed her, letting her taste herself. She loved tasting herself. She reached down and unbuttoned my pants quickly. I was inside her five seconds later. I thrust hard, biting her neck, my head spinning. Cree moaned and held on to me.

“Danny, I need you,” she whimpered, her legs shaking. I fucked her hard, needing to bury myself in her body and forget that I was losing my mind. Cree had yet another orgasm, screaming my name and I came, the pleasure intense, and pumped my nut right into her body.

A low moan escaped me and I gripped her thighs so hard I was sure I’d left handprints. Our mutual orgasms were always the best. I fell onto her, trying to catch my breath. Then I pulled out, moving to the side of her and pulling her into my arms.

“I’m sorry, Danny. I know I shouldn’t have done it. But I had to see you,” she said, breathless. I kissed her forehead gently and didn’t respond. Because it wasn’t just her. I certainly shouldn’t have come. And I certainly shouldn’t still be here now. I knew I was going to pay for this. I knew we both would. But she’d said the words.

An hour later, Danny and Cree slept soundly. They didn’t hear the masked man, who entered the bedroom and stood over them. They didn’t hear him raise his silenced weapon. Two shots. Minimal noise. They died instantly, in each other arms. The man left the house silently, the way he’d come in. He walked two blocks to a car and got in. He took off his mask and wiped his tear-streaked face.

“Home, Miles,” David Marcus said quietly and sat back against the seat. He’d warned Danny about that cop’s sister. He’d warned him she was a liability. But he refused to listen. So they both became one. David Marcus wiped his face and sniffed. It was done. He was back in control.

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