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What Mercury in Retrograde Means

What Mercury in Retrograde Means

Yes... Mercury's in retrograde again.

What the fuck is retrograde, and why the fuck do I care about Mercury when I'm on earth??

First let's come to the realization as a group, that everything in our solar system affects us and we are the small factor, in the grand scheme of things.

Repeat after me:

We are a small factor, in our solar system.

Okay good, with this in mind: I'm just a young woman who likes to study shit, vibes and energy waves especially.. Feel me?

Retrograde is when a planet switches orbit, by both speeding up and slowing down in one shift. Yes all the planets circle the sun, not all planets, are created equal though. The speed will vary. Mercury is faster than earth so about 3/4x a year, we will experience the shift of the speed as Mercury passes us. This process takes about 3 weeks; effects linger the entire month... What does this mean? To the clueless, chaos, and to the tuned in, game time. Or break time. Depending on what you got going on.

See, if we remove labels and stigmas from this cycle we can utilize this to our advantage. If we are not aware, we are doomed. We fuck a lot of shit up for ourselves during these retrograde periods, out of pure panic.. We are too old for this shit. Also, I hate this stigma of adult hood and stress/worry being synonymous and the self-guilt we create if we don't "stress or worry". Retrograde is definitely misery’s favorite company.. A lot of shit is going to go left, it may not, may just be your perception of it. Look a little deeper.

This is a reflective time, where we are more often than not forced to slow down and evaluate what is what. We panic when things change unexpectedly, I understand that all too well. You are not alone.

When I say you are not alone. I don't mean you have another person, or we all relate, which we do, but you have something bigger than us, working for you.

The universe is truly your oyster. Allow it to play its part.

There's no coincidence, that the planets orbit affects our moods and actions in the most subtle ways... The waves you feel are all interlocked by our solar system, let's be clear. This is not horoscope, or superstition, this is real life. Get with the program. Understand to your core how interconnected we are with this earth and all things in orbit with that. Understand that you have asked for things that are making its way into your life and retrograde will shift everything upside if need be, just to ensure you receive what you ask..

"You just said we are a small matter, now you saying the universe pulling Mercury back so we can get what we asked for?"

Nope I'm saying Mercury going into retrograde, shakes old things up which allows better things to come together if, you are aware; also being open to the reality that all the shit you think is NOT working out in your favor, actually IS and you just don't see it yet.

Even in the worst of times, we can feel it getting better before we see it.

If you care for your earth, your earth will take care of you. Pay attention.

Mercury retrograde is a very fluid time period, and this one will be in Virgo (August 30 - September 22), and if you know Virgos, it's going to be dramatic as fuck. Don't sweat it though; entertain the dramatics with curiosity and calmness. This too shall pass... Just grab all the gems you can find in the whirlwind.

Also, don't make any big decisions/purchases; fluid times and concrete choices don't mix. This is more of an explorative, not definite time, this is why we shouldn't worry or lose our cool. Nothing is set in stone.

Double-check everything. Talk to yourself even more than Kanye does. Be very attentive. Make it count. Details are key, the bigger picture is major key.

Technology tends to act up around retrograde period (which raises so many questions about electricity and energy for me).

Just keep calm. It's really going to be okay.

Do your research on your zodiac sign and align yourself properly. Everyone is different, each sign has a different interaction with retrogrades. I'm no astrologist; I just know what makes sense. Orbits, timing, alignment, know your path and everything surrounding it. It's for your benefit always.

Last thing, all the planets go into retrograde periods, it's the cycle of our existence. Each planet has specific energy they carry and when they switch gears we can feel the absence of said energy. Mercury in particular, is the planet of communications. Look deeper into that, act accordingly.

Shit real.

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