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Fiction Series: Walk a Mile - Chapter 1

Fiction Series: Walk a Mile - Chapter 1

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"If you really think it will help" Karl replied

Jeremy shakes his head before sighing and reaching into his bag. He pulls out a pair of brown boots, which look, worn, battered and beaten. Electric tape covers holes in the sole. The left boot has duck tape around the front to keep the boot together. Karl puzzled asked "do I just put them on and tie them?" As he reaches out for the boots, Jeremy fights off his last thought of reluctance before answering Karl. "Yes, but before you go to sleep and text me when you do." Jeremy hands over the boots teary eyed "You really don't have to do this!" Karl doesn't reply just reaches his hand out for a dap. As the two shakes hands, Karl pulls Jeremy in and embraces him. " I got your bro!" Karl puzzled again "how do you even fit these" as the tandem burst into laughter.

An overwhelming mixture of nerves and excitement has Jeremy wired as he awaits Karlsruhe text message.

*phones buzzes*

"please don't forget my Spanish textbook"-Amanda

Just as Jeremy tosses the phone it rings, Karl's nervous tone only worsens Jeremy erratic state " So they're tied and I'm tired. Do I have to say something?" He inquires. "No, just double knot them and go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow " Jeremy's roller-coaster of emotions all but ensure a sleepless night. Sleep being the key component, Jeremy pops two zzzquils and buries his face into the pillow.

Standing in the middle of his cold dark hallway, Jeremy shakes in fear as his foster mothers voice shakes the floorboards.

"Oh Jeremy!, would you come here dear!" She shrieks. Knowing exactly what her sinister request entails, Jeremy takes off running down the long gloomy hallway.

The sound of her voice increases and fear fuels him to run faster and harder. Faster and harder than he has ever run to his own surprise. Finally at the end of the hallway, Jeremy makes a sharp right turn and is stopped in his tracks. To his horror, his five behemoth foster brothers are waiting for him in the day room. Forced to choose the lesser of two ass whoopings Jeremy charges through an defensive line of disturbed misfits. He is immediately grabbed and punched to the ground and he awaits his usual black out. However, something carnal takes over Jeremy and he fights back. A strong violent right hook to one of his attackers ribs send them to the ground swiftly. In a blink of an eye Jeremy is standing tall, punching and slamming his way out. Jeremy is in a craze, astounded by his new strength and by the fact this was the first time he blacked out by winning the fight.

Jeremy is awakened by the alarms violent scream. He reaches for the snooze still half asleep he fails to find the clock. The screams are getting louder, Jeremy's patience thins as the alarm continues to antagonize. After slamming his fist into the bed in fiery, Jeremy opens his eyes to scan for the delinquent alarm. It is only then that realizes why he couldn't find the alarm. This isn't his room, that wasn't his alarm, those weren't even his fist the slammed into the bed. Jeremy looks around a room littered by awards, trophies and autographed jerseys. The nearest headline he could make out read "Karl 'kid Klutch' leads Madison high to 3rd straight state championship. Jeremy skips the morning necessities as he scurries to her dressed. Karl closet is about the same size of his "room" at home. Perplexed by the array of fashion choices, Jeremy opts for a Madison High hoodie, Nike sweats, Jordan’s and rushes out of Karl’s mini mansion. He does so without speaking a word to Karl’s family gathered in the kitchen. As he drives to his house Jeremy's mind races "is he okay?", "hope they didn't hurt him", "why did I let.... *the siren on Karl’s phone interrupt crazed thoughts. He picks up immediately even though seeing "Jeremy's cell" calling completely threw him off "they sure do have an interesting way of waking you up " Karl replies with side of sarcasm Jeremy can ok only hope that if it was water, it wasn't hot this time. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine. My big bother plays open chest to wake me up too" Karl chuckles "No but seriously, you need to do more push ups, I would of ate that" Karl teases "I'm outside in 5" Jeremy replies "just be happy it was only 1 brother" "no they were all there" Karl snaps quickly. Jeremy sighs and tell him to come outside. Jeremy posts up against Karl’s new jet-black Camaro. Karl slams the door behind him trapping a concert of incoherent screams. He's wearing a bleach damaged Old Navy hoodie, handed down sweat pants and the brown boots Jeremy gave him. When Karl reaches the car the two gaze at each other, frozen in utter disbelief and amazement Jeremy looks down at his 6’10 small forward who has taken on his scrawny 5’11 point guard frame. With more strength then Jeremy thought he had Karl punches him in the arm proclaiming "you didn't say it was this bad". Thinking out loud Jeremy replies, "it could've been worse"

"here I left these in your car" Jeremy hands Karl a pair of his sneakers " you don't have to wear those all day last night was enough"

"Thank God!" Karl exclaims, " your Russell Athletic fall collection was bad enough" He joked. The two laugh and trade barbs as they pull into the Varsity parking lot.

"Are you ready for this?" Jeremy asks nervously. "We've been friends forever bro these 24 hours will be a piece of cake"

He continues, "it's like the 1-3 pick and roll we run in crunch time. The only difference is now you're setting the pick and I'm setting you up to score; so go set my pick" Karl laughs hard " Jeremy chimes in

"ok ok so I'm you and you're me we got this"

The two preform their pregame handshake and make their way through the school doors.

They walk in side-by-side and someone screams "Hey Karl!" And they both respond


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