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Fiction Series: The Great Misadventures of Charlie & Nonie

Fiction Series: The Great Misadventures of Charlie & Nonie

Moving Day. Georgia State. Atlanta, Ga. August 11th, 2006.

“Mom, it is hot as hell outside!”

“Charlie, watch your mouth. I will back hand you.” She responds to Charlie.

“Mom, it is! I can’t wait for this to be over.” Charlie responds as she drags her last suitcase up the front of her home for the next semester, University Commons. She is starting her first semester in two days.

Charlie makes her way up to the room, 525, and sits her suitcase on her side of the room.

“Well, honey, I think that is the last of your stuff. How do you feel?”

“Like, I lost 30 pounds in this Atlanta heat. I thought Texas was bad, this is worst.”

“Yes, I agree this heat is horrible. Have you met your roommate, yet?” Charlie’s mom looks at the empty space across from her daughter’s space.

“No… she messaged me on Facebook and said she would be here tomorrow. She said her family only lives two hours away so they are going to come up tomorrow and move her in.”

“Oh. Well I will miss her this time, what is her name?”

“Um.. Nonie.”

“That’s an interesting name.”

“You named me Charlie, not to far off.” Charlie’s mom flicks her off and walks over and gives her only daughter a hug.

“I am going to miss you, Charlie. Who else is going to annoy me every day?”

“I am more worried about who is going to dress you! You know I keep you fly.”

“Girl, bye.” Charlie and her mom are extremely close, more like sisters than mom and daughter, Charlie, stood by her mom through everything. And her mom did the same for her. Charlie and her mom unpacked the rest of Charlie’s things and then went to explore the city that Charlie would call her home for the next four years.

The Next Day…


The knock startles Charlie out of her sleep. She stumbles to the door and pulls it open.

“Charlie? Hi, I am Nonie!” A chocolate girl around 5’3 says and then she gives Charlie a hug.

“Hi! Sorry, I just got out of the bed.” Charlie says as she releases Nonie from the hug. Charlie goes back into the room and plops down on her bed.

“Sorry girl, my mom wanted to get me here early. Are you all moved in?” Nonie asks.

“I am. If you give me a second, I can get dressed and help you guys, make it go faster. Your thighs are going to love you tomorrow.”

“I hope so, I want thick thighs!” As Charlie gets dressed in the attached bathroom, Nonie explores their little shared space. Charlie decorated their space with pictures of her and what Nonie assumed to be Charlie’s mom, friends from back home, and little trinkets that reminded Nonie of Texas.

“Ready?” Charlie said as she came out the bathroom.

“Yes.” Nonie leads Charlie down to the parking lot where her family is waiting. Nonie’s mom, stepdad, and younger sister are all out waiting on them.

“Mom, Dad, Shae, this is Charlie. Charlie meet my family.” The group embraces Charlie and she gave them love back. Nonie’s dad has already unpacked the car so the group begin to take Nonie’s things up to her new home. An hour later, the task was done and Nonie’s family left their fourth part alone with her new roommate.

A week later…

Charlie and Nonie had gotten to be great friends. The complete opposites of each other, they both seemed to fill in where the other was lacking. Nonie was a flawless chocolate skin, short introvert, who enjoys her one-on-one time while Charlie loved a group setting and had radiant brown skin. Both bonded over their love of men and clothes. Raised in similar backgrounds, the two knew they would be inseparable by the end of the semester.

Charlie and Nonie didn’t know it but their lives would forever be changed from meeting each other. They would become fast friends and ultimately have the craziest stories.

And so it begins, the great misadventures of Charlie and Nonie…


It was just before Christmas break. Charlie and Nonie were four shots in at their favorite spot in the city, Rocky Mountain Pizza Bar, celebrating doing well on their first set of finals as college women. Charlie reaches over and grabs the basket of fries Nonie neglected, “Bitch, you need to eat something.”

Nonie rolls her eyes and sips her mixed drink. The drink was a blend of rum, tequila, vodka, and juices; a Wiki Waki Woo. “I’m fine.” There’s noise at the entrance. Nonie turns to see who is causing all of the commotion. “Oh shit, Charlie. It’s Rashad.”

Charlie orders two more shots. “What the fuck you hype for? It’s just Rashad.” The bartender slides the double shots of tequila towards the girls.

“Charlie, what the hell? You didn’t ask for a chaser?” Nonie grabs two limes.

“You have a drink in front---what the…“ Before Charlie could finish Rashad had taken her up in his arms. He was a big guy, about 6’2. “Put me down, Rashad.”

“You can pick me up.” Nonie laughed.

Rashad kissed Nonie on the forehead. The girls met him during their first weekend on campus at a fraternity party. He was popular on campus. Neither Charlie nor Nonie saw him as more than a friend. He was fun to party with. He was also protective so the girls always felt safe around him.

Rashad motions to the bartender. “Let me get a double order of wings, three shots of tequila, and make me something special.” He remains standing between the girls.

“Where are you coming from?” Nonie asked.

“I just got off work. I would’ve been here earlier but I had to run by the house.”

Charlie picks up one of the shots as the bartender finishes pouring. “Well, now you can drink.”

“Yes, I can and I plan to.” Rashad hands one of the shots to Nonie.

Nonie takes the shot from Rashad, “Let’s toast to something.”

Charlie raises her shot, “To what?”

Rashad smirks, “To threesomes?”

“Threesomes?” Charlie and Nonie question simultaneously.


“That’s fine. I’d have a threesome with Charlie.” Nonie laughs.

“Really, I’d have a threesome with you, Nonie.” Charlie’s laughter is louder.

“Shit. What about me? Y’all wouldn’t have a threesome with me?” Rashad looks disappointed.

Nonie stops laughing. “I mean… you never know what could happen.”

“Just take your shot, Nonie!”

Three hours later…

“Don’t park directly in front of my house. Are you crazy?” Nonie yells into the phone as she watches Rashad attempting to find a parking space from the window.

Charlie exits the bathroom and comes up behind her. “He wants everybody to know we’re here. Jesus.”

A few moments later Rashad comes through the door. Charlie and Nonie are sitting on the edge of the bed. The room is silent. Anticipation apparent on their faces.

“Hello, again.” Rashad smiles awkwardly. He sits next to the girls on the bed. Nonie looks around before she gets up to turn the light off.

Charlie takes her shirt off and Nonie follows. Rashad looks on, clearly pleased.

“Well, lay back on the bed.” Charlie takes immediate control.

Rashad stands and gets undressed. Then, lies back on the bed following Charlie’s directions. Charlie and Nonie climb into the bed and kneel on either side of him. They look at each other and laugh before Nonie takes Rashad into her hands and begins to stroke him. Charlie watches for a second before joining in. The girls take turns with Rashad watching him struggle to contain himself. It becomes a game.

Nonie kisses his lips as Charlie climbs on top and takes him inside her. She spins on him and Nonie looks on amused. “What the fuck, do that again!”

Charlie braces herself and spins again.

“Shit.” Rashad places his hands on Charlie’s hips, holding her in place. “Don’t move”

“What’s wrong?”  Charlie asked.

“I’m…” Rashad pauses, wiping his face with his hands.

“You’re what?”  Both girls are confused.

“I’m going soft.”

“WHAT?!” The girls are shocked.

“I mean, maybe we can help.” Charlie kneels back to the side of him as Nonie attempts to arouse him, taking him into her mouth. “It’s not working. Charlie, do something.”

Charlie shrugs, “What you want me to do?”

Rashad leans up, pushing pass Nonie who was closest to the edge of the bed. “Shit. What the fuck” He walks over to Nonie’s closet and bangs his head on the door. “I can’t believe this.”

“It’s okay. You just got too excited.” Nonie says.

Charlie starts laughing. Nonie pops her.

“Maybe, we can try again…” Nonie giggles as Charlie finishes her statement, “Yeah, some other time.”


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