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Give Me More - a poem

Give Me More - a poem

Stay here, for just a little while longer, don’t rush

Give me more of your

Sweet good mornings, “No, you’re not interruptings,”

“I was just about to call yous,” and

If you’re thinking it, tell me

If you’re feeling it, describe it so that I 

Can experience you on my skin, while I 

Sit at my desk, replaying our late night

FaceTime calls and thumbing through our message thread

If you’re dreaming it, I want to know

Tell me about how I crossed your mind as you

Made your morning coffee and how you

Can’t put your finger on it but

There’s a song in your heart that

Reminds you of me, give me more

Playful “When we get married” scenarios, screenshots of 

The very second Sampha, Ella Mai, Gourdon, Khalid 

Made you picture me, tell me

How much you want me and I’ll

Pretend I didn’t know, I’ll

Smile and look away a little more, I’ll 

Let my heart skip the beats I was saving 

For someone worthy, someone 

Gentle, someone who was willing to risk their

Intentions on the possibilities, give me more

“I just wanted to hear your voice.” 

“I just wanted to say goodnight.”

“I just wanted to tell you…”

Anything, to keep you on the phone a little longer

To experience you a little longer

To learn you a little better, to 

Fall a little farther, give me more

Selfies and subliminals because 

No one knows, it’s just you and me

It’s me and you, give me more new 

Just a little more different, give me

Inside jokes, give me more “I’m listening.”

And if you’re scared, I’m scared, too

But I’d rather have more 

Heart racing

Hands shaking

“Did I do too much?” 

Than to experience the loss of you before

We even begin so 

Give me more, text me too much

Call me too much, talk about me

Too much

There’s enough time to

Be distant, enough time to be 

Indifferent, we got years to

Pretend we’re not that 

Interested, plenty of 

Opportunities to ignore the call

And delete the thread and throw

Up our guards because we’re

Better as friends, right now

I want you to like me too much

Love me too soon

Let your friends call you crazy because

I’m “definitely not the one”

Let them try to figure out 

Why it’s me you keep choosing, just 

give me


I’ll give you more, too.


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Director's Vision: F. Gary Gray

Director's Vision: F. Gary Gray