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MyVerse Monday Vol. 1

MyVerse Monday Vol. 1

Burgundy shirt, but it started off white.

If we go back to the beginning,

I knew something about that night just wasn’t right.

Who was to say I was wrong,

All I was doing was living my life.

Few disagreements, a little bit of strife

None of that could explain that night

I was calm; I was cool

You took that as me being the fool

Tried to diffuse things that night,

You acted like a rabid dog, kept trying to bite.

Really didn’t have to be like that,

I wanted so much more for us,

Maybe that wasn’t good enough for you

Maybe it’d never be just us two.

Maybe we could do over that night

Maybe we didn’t have to have that fight

We could never undo that, right?

Six shots to my left, three stabs to my right…

Beard Power 1

Beard Power 1

On Sight: Idris Elba

On Sight: Idris Elba