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MyVerse Monday Vol. 2

MyVerse Monday Vol. 2

I wake up in a fog, a literal fog too

I'm walking on clouds, clothes replaced by white robes.

Up the stairs I go, until I hear a no.

My son, since when has it been cool to get shot and not shoot back?

Father, this was different. She was different, she was special, I couldn't.

Nonsense my child, you were blind.

Come with me back to that night, let's rewind.

Look, there you were! You did her no wrong, but she came at you strong.

You wronged me, and you wronged yourself.

You were too proud to let her go, too greedy to let her know.

You were envious of her one-sided accountability, you always bit the bullet.

You allowed your lust to cloud your judgment.

You were a glutton for her punishment, constantly earning her wrath.

Worst of all, you were too lazy to move past.

I was not lazy, I was immobilized by reverence.

Not a glutton for punishment, she doled it out freely.

Never lustful, I loved her soul.

I did envy her, for she had me and that was untoppable.

It wasn't greed, just too much to show, how could I let her know?

But the past is the past, my son, just gotta move forward.

There was a lot different you could've done, but not doing it was your reward.

GOOD NEWS: You're Never Getting Married

GOOD NEWS: You're Never Getting Married