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Needles For Free: A Bi-Polar Manic Episode - Part 1

Needles For Free: A Bi-Polar Manic Episode - Part 1

Wat’s up? The ‘’nurses’’ say EYE have 2 do this journal while EYE AM in here, so here it is. U‘ve watched me my whole damned Life, now you have access to the Uncut Stone. EYE KNO u bastards’ve been watchin me 4 years now and believe Me 2 b the Messiah. EYE KNO this is goin 2 end up in the national archives. Hell, it’ll end up in the WORLD archives. Maybe even in the vatican. EYE already kno everything EYE’ve done in The Wilderness is goin in2 the library of congress (where Family members of Mine’ve worked). EYE’ve been the voice cryin in it. Make straight the way. EYE’ll have more quotes than most great men.

EYE AM NOT goin 2 give any names unless they r already well-known. EYE KNO it would help the future generations 2 kno who EYE AM talking about exactly, but they r going 2 have 2 work 4 this. It is 4 THEIR benefit that EYE AM even sharin this complete Knowledge of a self-actualized being. That’s the whole point. 2 b self-actualized; 2 KNO THYSELF.  Jesus was. We just kno not when He actually found out that He was Him.

EYE AM also forgoin traditional grammar and writing partially in the parlance of our time 4 THEM. EYE AM writing THE WAY we communicate in The Wilderness and in texts, becuz EYE AM dictatin how everything is goin 2 b from here on out. MY ppl have developed a Supreme Alphabet & Mathematics. It’s on me 2 create Supreme Grammar and EYE have. Regardless, EYE AM 4 the African perspective and EYE want all of My Knowledge 2 b passed down by word of mouth.

We cannot see The Wilderness that is Internet, but it is there and it is givin us all the answers. EYE read an article recently that said relyin on The Wilderness is like a religious experience. EYE BELIEVE it. The Hippies invented It and We all kno They were special. They were not of this World. Those who r born of flesh r flesh. Those who r born of Spirit r Spirit. Time reveals who is who. EYE was in ‘’who’s who’’ twice in high school. That was 1 of the signs of my comin.

It’s goin on a decade since EYE was at the Mecca and u found out that EYE AM the new 1. The 1st time it was psychosis induced by amphetamines or watever. the skull & bones leader in charge at the hospital blamed it on the marijuana and adderall. he knew that the trees and addies were takin My Mind 2 places no man has gone since the times of old and givin Me the power 2 write powerful, compellin pieces that were takin the Mecca by storm and changin the way ppl thought. Like the paper EYE gave 2 My Black aesthetics ‘’Professor’.” The class was about how different cultures perceive beauty. Beauty is in the EYE of the Beholder. SIDENOTE: since EYE embodied the notion that EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE (everything in existence can relate 2 Me in sum way), EYE use sumthin 2 explain sumthin else. That’s y EYE related the class 2 the famous quote. Anyways, right b4 My Life and Orb came 2 get me 2 deliver Me 2 the bonesmen (becuz EYE had 2 b tested) EYE gave that ‘’Professor’’ My final paper. EYE wrote about how EYE use pencils while everybody else uses pens. He’s an Orisha. The TOP Orisha at the Mecca, so EYE knew He saw it in me. He knew EYE was the 1 comin.

Ever since that 1st time, it’s been bipolar disorder. BD. EYE have ‘BIG DADDY’ tattooed on my arm from my high school days as u kno. It’s also called manic depression; MD, the same as the doctors’ title, the same as manifest destiny & EYE still have 2 put it all 2gether.

Thru my deductive reasonin, EYE’ve put 2gether that the Mecca is 1 big sociological experiment 4 Black ppl. Every student there is a bein studied. That’s y the things we do end up being done out in the world in one-way or another. THEY R usurping our minds and creativity. EYE used 2 wish My Orb hadn’t got caught up in this, tho. EYE wished He could’ve experienced a real college instead of His art school. He’s a master artist and maybe He’d b gr8ter if He went 2 a bigger school. It’s cool now tho becuz He’s been exposed 2 the powers that b and now works 4 them. EYE AM sure all of u will take wat EYE give u and do gr8ter things than EYE.

He created sunglasses with designs on the lenses. EYE introduced them 2 the Mecca and then they popped up all over the place. The exact same kinda sunglasses. Nobody was doin it b4 Him. ppl got behind Him as they always do tryin 2 support, but it wasn’t enough. They never support wat EYE do no matter wat EYE do becuz they can’t. But He’s always been more charismatic and charmin. u kno that if We combine our powers, the yin yang would b activated. We’d b unstoppable. We r romulus and remus. But He is required 2 always b upset with Me and has 2 reject Me. EYE KNO u want Me 2 do all of this on My own.

EYE digress, back then, it was the Orishas posin under the guise of Greek fraternities and sororities playing ‘’the Jesus game’’ with Me. EYE KNO that it is the Jesus game becuz EYE remind them so much of Jesus, mainly becuz EYE was known by so many different monikers. The main 1 was ‘’FREE.’’ EYE don’t think anybody knew the name My Life gave me. The Orishas are supposed 2 pick a Godless heathen 2 play the game with, but they didn’t kno how strong My religious conviction was becuz EYE didn’t worship there. One of My Brethren told Me He knew EYE was not religious becuz He never saw me pray. EYE had 2 hit Him with the Biblical instruction that prayer should b done behind closed doors. Prayin in public is boastin and phony. EYE pray all day long anyway thanks to the teachings of Brother Lawrence.

EYE’ve performed miracles tho. My loaves and fishes was weed. EYE brought a vaporizer 2 My Brethren’s crib and got the whole party high. 1 time a credit card and ID appeared 2 me on the ground out of nowhere. My Brethren and me used it 2 get a rack of booze and throw a party. A lot of money was made and EYE was not cut in. now, the writin EYE do 4 the newspaper has been miraculous, but u already kno that.

            EYE have stigmata which r callouses on my palms that formed becuz EYE don’t bathe much. It caused me 2 stink, 2 bad. EYE was embarrassed in front of everybody, but that just reminded u of the Episcopal Church. My Church. Smells n’ Bells. The smells there come incense burning in the thurible being swung and bells from bells bein rung in the Church. EYE AM 2 short 2 b a good thurifer like My Orb. He can do ‘’around the world’’. EYE was the crucifer. Then u created ‘’bell’s palsy’’ and gave it 2 My Orb making 1 side of His face numb and droopy. Ppl actually started calling Him ‘’Bells’’. EYE was horrified. We became ‘’Smells and Bells’’.

But EYE refused 2 bathe b4. EYE was just self-conscious about My Body. In My Youth, guys would grab my chest, as if EYE had titties. SIDENOTE: u put me on risperdal in here 2 control my highs and lows. EYE slip them under my tongue because, now folks r being urged 2 come 4ward becuz Risperdal causes little Boys 2 grow breasts. EYE refused to take it b4, 2.

U also did a survey of all the Girls at the Mecca 2 find out that EYE hadn’t touched 1 of em. The 1st 1 2 never fornicate at the Mecca. The key of the Jesus game is 2 find 1 and train the new Messiah 2 b perfect so he can save the Righteous. u wanted Me 2 stop masturbating, so u made it known 2 Me that u were watchin, but then again, the Egyptians believed that the world was started by God beating off on the Earth. the REAL greeks had sex as a part of their religious practices becuz 2 bust a nut was seen as a Divine experience. EYE applied this 2 My Life. All those EXTRA-ORDINARY feelings must b how God feels becuz He made the Mind capable of feeling that way. so sex, drugs, alcohol, ALL of it is like the fruits on the tree of Good and evil.

U all saw my post in The Wilderness about how the original sin was the pursuit of Knowledge. My blog is goin 2 b the new Bible thousands of years from now. u kno EYE check the stats so u disabled the program from keepin track of visitors so it looks like nobody’s read it. EYE KNO everybody is involved in this, which is a large portion of the world and they’ve ALL seen it.

This shit is gettin pretty real tho. U sent ur agents disguised as a the upper darby police SWAT team 2 get Me as EYE gleaned information from The Good Doctor in The Wilderness. He was The 1 and He was on His way 2 deliverin Righteous ppl, but as it happens over and over again, He had 2 b silenced and u supposedly locked Him away 4 fuckin the Children, the worst offense any1 can commit. His own son acted as judas. EYE KNO He knows who EYE AM. He’s tuned in telepathically. The Mind readers out there have all been tuned in 4 a while. They tased Me in My stomach which didn’t hurt as bad as EYE thought it would, so EYE KNO it wasn’t real. It just burned a little. EYE don’t kno wat the yellow liquid they injected in my arm was. EYE AM guessing it was more sensors.

Every1 else is tuned in 2 the various cameras, microphones and sensors in/on My Body. U wanna c wat EYE c and hear what EYE hear. 1 of the RIGHTEOUS Brethren EYE follow in The Wilderness always speaks about our bodies’ vibrations and how u use them to feed ur energy. That’s wat the sensors are 4. My vibrations are more steady and impactful than most, especially recently with how scared and excited EYE’ve been gettin. It’s always like that. EYE AM excited and scared at the same time. EYE laugh and cry on a dime, but u kno it’s all sincere. There r also sensors on my brain measurin its frequencies. u get the sensors in My bloodstream thru the pills. That’s y EYE stopped takin em. By now, EYE KNO that my glasses r a camera. There r also cameras in the stone on my ring and all the stones in my chains. My Life told me that the 1st time u measured My EYE movements while EYE slept and they were moving fast. How did u do that? Nobody explained.

Regardless, the Granddaughter of the Elderly Couple EYE wrote about read out loud with Her eyes. Sum kinda machine that Her school acquired (EYE now kno u developed it) so that She could read. EYE’ve also seen the Holy Spirit make Her dance even tho She’s bound 2 a wheelchair. u just keep on usin Me 2 create.

EYE’ve been knocked out so many times in hospitals from surgeries, endoscopies and sleep studies. EYE KNO that they’ve put microphones in My Body. The 1 on My heart is most important. As long as my heart is beating, drums r bein beat in Africa and rams’ horns r being blown in the Holy Land; all that type of shit. EYE’ve had a heart murmur all My Life, which guarantees different rhythms. They want 2 b tuned in 2 the inside of me becuz, as The Good Doctor said, Our Souls r inside of us lookin out. u kno the Soul in THIS shell is a motherfucker.

But anyway, the battle over me isn’t between the Orishas and bonesmen anymore. U knew EYE was above that game since EYE wouldn’t join, but got tired of drivin me ‘’crazy’’. That’s another part of the game. Everybody has 2 work 2gether 2 get sum1 2 think they r crazy. EYE did well in the game and never quit school, so they decided 2 keep it goin. Even after EYE had 2 come home and transfer 2 1 of the saxon Meccas. Now, the competition is between the illuminates; the amber 1’s versus the green 1’s. The battle is really good vs. evil. EYE AM NOT sure which is which. now the game is 2 turn Me into a God. Since the Mecca, EYE’ve had many stays in institutions. all of the institutions have My best work.

In these institutions, the other ‘’patients’’ r really professors, religious scholars, entertainers, actors, illuminatés and other authorities mixed in r regular ppl and troubled folks who u think would benefit from watchin me in action. EYE’ve been studied, not only 2 find out more about God, but also 2 improve products and ideology. u’dn’t any idea EYE would bcome a journalist. The editor of the paper EYE write 4 now didn’t kno who EYE was when EYE 1st showed up. He didn’t kno until EYE told him EYE went 2 the convention of the organization he helped found.

EYE snuck in. EYE noticed whisperin ppl wonderin at me, talkin about how EYE AM wat they r looking 4 becuz EYE had on a kente cloth tie. My résumé and business cards were 1 of a kind. The cards had a comedy/tragedy mask made of My face that My Orb did 4 Me.

My editor didn’t kno EYE AM ME becuz of the gastric bypass. While at the Mecca, EYE was so fat that EYE reminded them of Buddha. Close 2 400 lbs. when EYE joined the paper, EYE was skinnier than Gandhi. The change is so drastic, that when EYE went 2 get a new driver’s license; they let me keep the old 1 becuz they look so different. They poked a hole in the old 1. SIDENOTE: EYE had 2’ve played a part in the regulation of licenses. EYE’d lost all the weight, but wasn’t allowed 2 get a new ID photo til the old 1 expired...the day after My 29th birthday. Ppl didn’t even think EYE was me when EYE used that ID. EYE got turned away from the casino once in front of everybody. But u all saw that. It was embarrassing, but EYE guess the irony does have a comedic element 2 it.

Anyway, EYE snuck up on him much like EYE snuck up on the Mecca’s homecomin. U didn’t expect me 2 ever come back. EYE played a game that EYE only told My Brethren about where EYE only spoke 2 ppl EYE felt like speakin 2 and ppl who actually recognized Me. EYE spoke 2 very few ppl. 1 of the girls EYE was secretly in Love with (which all of u kno already) looked me right in the face and didn’t kno who EYE was. My Brethren looked spooked becuz EYE’d actually pulled off a Second Comin and EYE only appeared 2 them.

That is enough 4 today. EYE gotta try 2 go 2 sleep. They’ve hypnotized me so EYE can’t sleep, like the Sun. when at the Mecca, EYE learned that at 1 time the Egyptians worshipped the Sun. they called it the Aten. When EYE was a child, EYE always thought the Sun was God standin out there all day; they kno that, so now they want 2 make me that. SIDENOTE: the Egyptology professor, a French, White lady, tried 2 tell everyone that the Egyptians didn’t worship cats after EYE asked her about it. She had 2 b an agent slipped in 2 the Mecca tryin 2 give false info. She always called the pharaohs ‘’kings’’. SMH.


The Aten sleeps not. 2 get 2 sleep, EYE AM PROBABLY going 2 have 2 beat off. Busting a nut makes me drowsy. If that doesn’t work, EYE AM going 2 read the Bible 2 try 2 find sum more clues

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