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Needles For Free: A Bi-Polar Manic Episode - Part 2

Needles For Free: A Bi-Polar Manic Episode - Part 2

today, while We were in the day room watching tv, EYE overheard 1 of the green illuminatés talkin 2 1 of the amber 1’s. they were whisperin, but loud enough 4 Me 2 hear. everybody’s been talkin like that around Me. in My scriptwriting class, 1 of the older girls told Us about the ‘’wallah wallah’’ rule in filmmakin. that’s when u make the background ppl say‘’wallah wallah’’ 2 make a murmuring sound. ppl had been doin this in My real Life with a few verbalizin clues clearly so EYE could hear wat they say.  EYE also hear laughs and cries in the speakers that are planted around. ppl were often talkin shit about Me. the one illuminaté was tellin the other that agents were runnin around looking 4 Me last night so they could ‘’blow My head off’’. EYE was up all night. EYE heard walkin around but assumed they were ‘’nurses’’. they probably hired sum assassins, but they can’t touch Me becuz deep down they really believe.

EYE still haven’t been 2 sleep. EYE beat off until My nuts were dry in between readin Bible verses, but EYE hadn’t suspected that My Life was in danger now. at the Mecca, EYE thought ppl were tryin 2 kill Me. EYE kept tellin the ‘’campus police’’ they couldn’t kill Me becuz EYE was makin all the rules. after they hadn’t done it 4 years, EYE figured assassination was out of play. they tried 2 kill Jesus more than once.

EYE read a lot in the Bible. EYE re-read the verses and chapters EYE KNO best. 1 thing EYE noticed was the prominence of ‘’the Word’’. it was in the beginning of a few parts. it was with God and it was God. it still IS God. EYE work with Words 4 the newspaper. EYE really pulled off miracles. if EYE didn’t, no 1 else was goin 2.

u all saw when EYE interviewed that Elderly Couple carin 4 the Children with cerebral palsy. 1 was the Girl who read with Her EYEs. They had 2 carry the Children up and down the steps and drive Them around in a car unequipped 4 handicapped ppl. nobody would help Them. EYE was the 1st 2 write about Them. from that, a huge campaign came 2 Life. They got a new addition on Their house, chair lifts and a handicap van. the major news networks got involved. however, during the ceremonies and stuff, the big local paper was given credit. EYE wasn’t mentioned. EYE just had 2 sit there and eat that. EYE was at EVERYTHING. the major paper wasn’t. they weren’t even at the ribbon cuttin. in My Mind frame at the time, EYE thought that EYE don’t need the accolades becuz it was more important that They get the help They need. EYE AM STILL very happy They r not in Hell anymore, becuz They certainly were.

u’ve seen Me perform other works like gettin asbestos removed from a Woman’s house and gettin Children’ teams their just recognition with new uniforms and trophies and championship jackets. becuz of the time in our staff meeting when it was announced that one of ur more prominent members was a pedophile, EYE told the entire Wilderness. that wasn’t 2 long b4 the agents came 4 Me, so EYE kno that played a role in My abduction.

EYE’VE been a writer since a Child, but they didn’t kno when EYE was at the Mecca. not until they all toured My Yaya’s house so they could see where EYE grew up while EYE was in the ‘’hospital’’. they didn’t kno while EYE was there, EYE took a class with E.R. Braithwaite, author of ‘2 sir, with love’. My Life and Uncle, the two most learned, well-read ppl EYE KNO, didn’t kno it was a book 1st. 

that reminds Me, none of My Family has been in contact with Me. EYE KNO They kno EYE AM HERE. EYE’ve called Them several times, but They r still acting like They want nothing 2 do with Me. EYE KNO They’re just tryin 2 protect Me, Themselves and the rest of the Family. My aunt hit Me in the head with a bat 1 time 2 try 2 scare Me away. u’ve been watchin Their houses nonstop. EYE KNO u can becuz EYE can in The Wilderness. EYE could look at My Yaya’s house right now if EYE could get 2 1 of the neon gods. But She kicked Me out becuz Her place was gettin 2 hot. Yaya tried 2 tell Me that EYE threatened Her with My cane demandin money. EYE never raised My cane 2 Her. EYE just was at My wit’s end.

the plan has been in place 4 a while now. nobody is allowed 2 hire Me or work with Me. anybody can work with anybody else they want. since graduatin from the saxon Mecca, EYE hadn’t been able 2 find a real job no matter wat. with a resume listin an education at thee Mecca AND a degree from the saxon Mecca, how could u turn Me down? EYE’ve learned from the best of both worlds. all EYE was able 2 find was freelance scribe work payin $25 per 150 Words on upcomin events 4 a local paper. EYE would only get like 1 of those every week. EYE got more 4 other stuff, (like when EYE got My Brethren in the paper), but not much more and those jobs were hard 2 come by. they hired Me obviously becuz they hadn’t heard about Me yet.

neither had the editor at the paper EYE AM at now. there, EYE AM makin $35 per article (500-700 Words) and $5 per picture. EYE get more in, but it’s milk money. luckily since EYE had so much trouble with the gastric bypass, EYE was able 2 swing disability (the illuminatés in the gov’t want Me 2 depend on them. EYE’ve even got free healthcare and food stamps).

EYE couldn’t even walk up the steps and struggled 2 lift My Futures after awhile. EYE was weak becuz EYE lost 2 much weight and lost strength. EYE also didn’t wanna shit or fart anywhere. EYE’d gotten an ulcer causin My waste 2 wreak. My Body rejected water. EYE shape-shifted. EYE AM an expert on body image. EYE still believe God is mad about that since EYE trifled with the body He gave Me, but EYE was never corrupted spiritually and EYE got the surgery reversed. a gypsy performed both procedures.

nevertheless, EYE wasn’t gettin paid enough, so EYE depended on Yaya 2 give Me cash from time 2 time. sumhow She always had it. She is being paid through all the different things occurrin becuz of Me, especially the music, films and shows. She knew that EYE’d put a poor man’s copyright on My Life. EYE wrote a letter sayin that My name and likeness belonged 2 Me and use of it could only benefit My Loved Ones should anything happen 2 Me and mailed it 2 Myself. EYE sure hope it’s still in the strongbox in Her closet.

EYE don’t think EYE mentioned it yesterday (becuz EYE don’t have 2. u all already kno), but My music and My Brethren’ music is all the hot shit in the streets. Me and My Brethren released a mixtape that was so innovative and boundary pushin that it influenced the entire Hip Hop industry. again, like with My blog, the stats were disabled, so EYE could never kno who really heard it and who didn’t. My Orb told Me He hadn’t heard it becuz We didn’t use the cover He made. He made a visual image of Heemus, the Heem god. EYE created a twitter account 4 Him, givin the password 2 all My Brethren, so that WE could all control it. WE CREATED A GOD! We r so far ahead of things, but it’s hard 4 Me 2 get the Team 2 act like a team. EYE believe My Brethren send subliminal shots at Me in their songs, but EYE THINK it’s all hot. They r now the ghostwriters/a&r’s in the Hip Hop industry. havin had close access 2 Me, Their opinions r valued. My influence on Them has made Them beasts in the field. My Orb does all the artwork becuz He’s now the greatest.

but another thing EYE’ve deduced is that Nobody Who is close 2 Me can make it big at wat They r doing until EYE become who EYE have 2 b. EYE always wanted 2 merge My world of school and Home 2 make a super Team, but due 2 the terribleness of these games the illumnatés want 2 play, We can’t b a team. at least not with Me. but once EYE make it, They can go on and b who They want 2 b. none of Them r where They wanna b now. at least not while EYE AM around and conscious.

this is y EYE have 2 go out 2 California. My Brethren tell Me 2 come out all the time becuz They spend time out there. that is exactly wat EYE have 2 do in order 2 manifest destiny. They speak of the beautiful weather, the bountiful, LEGAL weed and the overall positive vibes. They kno that in order 4 Me 2 b godlike, EYE need 2 experience these conditions. EYE’ven’t been anywhere really. Forida twice. once 2 Disneyworld and once 2 My Cousin’s graduation. EYE loved basking in the Aten. the smell in the air put Me in a better place.

back 2 the Bible. EYE read in the Creation that God created man and woman b4 He created the body, but He said LET’S make man in OUR image. who else was He talking 2 and wat is Their image? that’s where the evil faction of illuminatés has things fucked up. they r tryin 2 create human beings like God did. EYE KNO they’ve taken My sperm and inseminated Women with My seed. it is very godly if u think about it. EYE wonder who those Women r goin 2 say Their Child’s father is and if they have a ‘’Joseph’’ in their lives. they kno EYE want 2 have Children and in their own, twisted way, they’re givin Me everything EYE want indirectly until EYE ask them 2 b down.

at 1 point, EYE made known My doctrine ‘’love satan 2 death’’ meanin try 2 b satan’s Friend 2 sho him the right Way 2 act. at My Confirmation (4/20/97) the bishop told Us be4hand 2 never call satan out 4 a fight becuz We cannot win. EYE agree. EYE don’t wanna fight satan. EYE say, EYE’ll have him over 4 a beer. well, a juice box. satan is probably insufferable drunk. he’s comin around, but he’s so uncivilized that his way of playin back is just totally inappropriate. EYE’ll still try 2 Love him, but at arms length. he’s an asshole.

this is still 2 much fun. everything except 4 Mom being killed. that was the worst lesson of all. EYE AM, no doubt, a stronger man after findin Her dead in Her room. She had withered away. they told Us it was cancer, but sumbody put a disease in Her. She had gallstones, but it wasn’t until that fuckin doctor said it was cancer that She started 2 decline. She died slowly. they were tryin 2 build My character. that’s y EYE AM ALREADY in. EYE consider it My Blood sacrifice.

EYE KNO that stuff is real. U have 2 kill sumone close 2 u. well, EYE prayed the night b4 She died that God just end Her misery. My prayers r tapped. sumbody’s listening, so it makes prayer awkward. EYE’ven’t found any Biblical support, but EYE AM startin 2 believe the Messiah isn’t supposed 2 have any privacy. EYE pray all day long based on the teachings of Brother Lawrence. His lessons taught Me 2 pray without ceasing. u don’t have 2 b on ur knees. u just have 2 b connected 2 God. EYE KNO u all think that is beautiful. 

that’s enough 4 tonight. EYE AM going 2 do the same thing EYE did last night. spankin it and Scripture. fuck off.

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