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Needles for Free: A Bi-Polar Manic Episode - Part 3

Needles for Free: A Bi-Polar Manic Episode - Part 3

EYE wish EYE could just move along 2 the next level of this thing. EYE AM tired of sittin around in here. they put Me in the institution that doesn’t allow u 2 go on cigarette breaks. EYE KNO they r tryin 2 make Me the best that EYE can b w/o smokin. they also gave it away that they’re communicatin w/ Me thru the wind. every time My Words or Thoughts make them laugh or cry, the wind blows. it was blowin like the dickens the day those agents came in and tased Me.

EYE still wonder wat the yellow liquid was that they jammed in My arm. EYE AM mad about My clothes, 2. they put this chicago bulls starter jacket EYE got 4 $4 at the thrift shop and My Lebron James shorts on Me b4 they cuffed Me and took Me out 2 the car. My landlord (a gypsy EYE’VE COME 2 learn) was standin out there. she and all the other gypsies livin around were readin My thoughts becuz they have that power. EYE called out 2 her as they started drivin. EYE called out 4 My Yaya, My Orb and My Life, 2. EYE was certain they were takin Me 2 kill Me. as We drove past the graveyard where My Life is supposedly buried, My Black aesthetics Professor was holdin a ceremony there where the Orishas choose their blood sacrifices 4 the year. He’s had enough. He doesn’t wannna do this 2 Me anymore.

EYE’ve come 2 the conclusion that ppl r not tryin 2 kill Me, nor did they kill My Life. Me, My Family and Brethren r being prepped 4 Eternal Life. The Life of My Future was taken away, too, to make Us stronger. Everybody who knows wat is goin on is goin 2 live 4ever. EYE AM the new Way, Truth and Life and They believe in Me.

My Life was just taken elsewhere like My Future’s Life. they knew EYE’d never become who EYE AM supposed 2 become becuz My restraints were stronger with Her here. EYE didn’t want 2 embarrass Her anymore. EYE’d vowed 2 not embarrass Her anymore becuz when She left, She still had not 4given Me 4 usin drugs and havin 2 b admitted 2 the hospital. EYE knew SHE WAS bein overdramatic. SHE WAS actually proud. She just couldn’t believe it becuz SHE WAS such a staunch believer in Jesus. She’d never believe that Her Baby would become Him. it was just confusing becuz She had Twins.

Me and My Orb r romulus and remus. the fatherless founders of a new kingdom on Earth. He is the artist. EYE AM the wordsmith. anyway, EYE AM startin 2 think u put sum makeup on My Mom and She is 1 of the characters in here. EYE was speakin about Her and 1 of the White women was about 2 tell Me she was Her, but 1 of the green or amber illumintés told her 2 stop talkin. EYE need 2 get 2 the bottom of this. EYE’ve been lookin at the collages and art on the wall 4 clues, but EYE can’t put it 2gether.

EYE AM thinkin maybe EYE just have 2 cave in and ask out loud 4 wat EYE want. the thought readers can read My thoughts, but they want Me 2 make My demands audible. EYE gotta tell them which woman EYE want.

there r a lot 2 choose from. there was the 1 who came back in2 My Life from My childhood. EYE’ve been out with her a few times. We’ve talked about the Bible and stuff and EYE blew her Mind. she went 2 a Black school 2, but right now she is datin a White guy EYE grew up with. that has 2 b fake. there is no reason way this girl who IS so perfect 4 Me is dealin with this White guy and rebuffs Me. she called Me weird and all types of stuff,. maybe EYE will pick her. there was also the Stripper who showed Me the ways of a Woman. EYE tasted Her, She tasted Me. She tasted and saw. even tho EYE KNO EYE don’t fuck well yet, but She still dug Me. EYE was supposed 2 ask Her out, but My shy meekness prohibited Me from doin so. she would b good, becuz Jesus spoke 2 the hoes all the time and they were enthralled with Him. EYE mean, EYE don’t kno if she’s a hoe or not, but u c wat EYE AM sayin. there was also the one that disappeared at the Mecca. She was the only female cigarette smoker on campus and we took cigarette breaks 2gether. then there’s the 1 EYE crushed on. since they r listenin and watchin all the time, they kno how EYE feel about Her. they just want Me 2 make it audible. She’s good 4 Me. She reminds Me of My Life. EYE guess that is just the oedipal Black man in Me.

most Black Men r oedipal EYE’ve come 2 find. We all want sumone just like Our Life it’s either that or the complete opposite. My Orb falls in that category. He got a White girl pregnant who is nothin like our Life was. regardless, EYE have 2 choose 1. maybe EYE’ll choose concubines.

they’re also waitin 4 Me 2 do other stuff. EYE’d caught on b4 the agents came. EYE watched a video about how 1 of the secret orders (those who kno will kno) made new initiates spit on a crucifix 2 prove they were real. EYE had the crucifix that EYE gave My Life on Her alleged deathbed. it was leant forward with Jesus comin off of it holdin a dove. EYE couldn’t bring myself 2 spit on it. the most disrespectful thing EYE could think was 2 hang 1 of My blinged out chains around His neck. it was disgusting and no 1 had ever done the task so beautifully. EYE was doin that a little b4 they came in and tased Me.

after the agents’ car passed the graveyard, they brought Me here. those fucks didn’t know EYE’d been here b4. EYE AM CERTAIN they were supposed 2 take Me 2 an institution that didn’t have any of My work yet. EYE hope they die 4 fuckin that up, becuz those r the games they play. when EYE got here, in the parkin lot, they cut My clothes off of My Body with scissors. underwear and all. ruined the vintage bulls starter jacket. EYE sat in the parking lot exposed 4 a spell. the Curse of Ham is undoubtedly on the police department now. how dare they expose the Son of Man? but just like EYE found the loopholes with the disability and the food stamps, EYE think the good powers that b r presentin Me with the opportunity 2 sue the police department. money always falls out of the sky 4 Me whenever things get a little dire.

then EYE could pay off the loans EYE owe 4 school. EYE fell 4 that trick like everyone else. EYE AM about $30K in the hole and the millions EYE get from the police will help pay that off, then EYE can finagle sum credit and get things really goin. get everything goin. EYE should’ve been usin the health insurance EYE have 2 get free pills and sell them.

EYE souled weed at the Mecca. EYE invented the ‘’soul bag’’ where u give accordin 2 how u feel about the person. ‘’soul baggin’’ comes from the heart. they thought it was beautiful and hoped EYE would sell drugs full time. as long as EYE stayed down there, EYE wouldn’t b arrested. there was 1 time EYE should’ve been arrested and gone 2 prison, but EYE was delivered becuz they knew Who they were dealin with.

well, EYEthink that’s enough 4 tonight. EYE’ve already given way 2 much away 4 free. the Future Generations will b so well off this this Knowledge bein shared. time 2 see God then read about God. goodnight.



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