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Needles For Free: A Bi-Polar Manic Episode - Part 4

Needles For Free: A Bi-Polar Manic Episode - Part 4

still cannot believe EYE AM in here. EYE didn’t sign any of the papers this time. the 1st time, they kept Me past three days becuz EYE signed the papers. thanks 2 the 1st time, EYE also kno 2 not even feign runnin away. EYE faked like EYE was goin to make a dash 4 it and they charged Me with ''elopement''. all EYE KNO is that 2 ''elope'' means 2 run away and get married. the deal must’ve been that if EYE tried 2 escape/B FREE, My Life would sign Me away 2 b married. EYE must b betrothed. EYE just have 2 find out 2 whom.

anyways, today We had 2 do art. all kinds of art with crayons.1st, We colored in a picture. the picture they gave Me could only b the palace that is waiting 4 Me. it had water runnin all through it. EYE colored in the water as purple becuz purple is the color of royalty. EYE colored the floors around the water black and the seats were green and red. the red, black and green r the colors 4 My ppl. Black ppl.

EYE couldn't believe that a lot of My peers at the Mecca had no idea these colors were Ours. a lot of em didn’t kno that We had our own national anthem 2. tho EYE’ve bigger plans, it has been My mission since this started 2 put the red, black and green on the map. We've taken a backseat 4far 2 long. our time is coming. God gave the evil 1 his time 2 reign but the righteous powers r trainin Me 2 b the bringer of change. EYE AM the Philadelphia letter.

While We were coloring that, a cutter showed Me a picture that looked like a worm. she told Me it was God. EYE believe her. God shows himself in many ways. anyway, everyone's opinion on faith is valid. none of Us knows wat The Great Beyond is all about. EYE AM thinkin that she may b Another Messiah from the White realm. EYE AM A BELIEVER that God has sent and will continue 2 send Messiahs. from the little EYE’ve done, EYE KNO that this is 2 big a job 4 1 watever We r 2 do it all alone.

then My pastor came. EYE KNO he is an illuminaté becuz My best Brethren who is now a priest (and destined 2 become the best) told Me that all of them r.

He gave Me Communion tho. he knows how genuine My faith was becuz EYE always spoke about how important Communion was 2 Me. it is the tine u become 1 with The 1. u all saw Me and knew how full My heart was when My pastor allowed Me 2 b a chalice bearer. EYE was readin the literature EYE needed 2 read in order 2 become a Eucharistic lay minister, but EYE hadn't completed My training. My pastor was wary of lettin Me finish becuz since he is a mind reader, he knew it was My plan 2 take the host in2 the streets and perform random Communions. there was nothin he could do about it. he didn’t stay long tho. he's known Me since EYE was a Child. he cannot believe 1 of his ownwas the Second Coming. EYE snuck up on him.

We talked about wat EYE was readin in the Bible. EYE had a question EYE was just sure was goin 2 stump him. EYE asked him where the water came from in the Creation. he quickly told Me that God created the water 1st. it makes sense, but it seemed like a lazy answer. EYE BELIEVE the water was God's gift from the previous power 2 get things started. EYE also told him that White ppl believe We r gods. they even made Us that way. the Spirit of God moved across the waters, like the slaves did.

Speaking of water, EYE spoke with My Yaya and My Orb. EYE decided 2 use the phone. 2 much quiet time is My problem. since everybody is either afraid or wants Me 2 b perfected, EYE don't talk a lot. besides interviews EYE do, EYE may go the entire day without sayin word 2 anybody and EYE go nuts. that’s y EYE use social media so much. just 2 feel an interaction. ppl lose sight of the fact that Jesus was a real human with real human needs. EYE tried 2 explain this 2 1 of the girls EYE mentioned b4, but she treated Me like EYE was crazy and that it didn’t matter.

My Yaya and My Orb r playin along well tho. they acted mad that EYE called and told Me to leave em alone. EYE knew it was a bad idea 2 use the institution's phone. nobody wants their phone conversations listened 2. they both told Me EYE had been smokin water. EYE’ve never smoked wet b4 in My Life. EYE KNO wat they think it was. the agents that tased Me found a bottle of Muslim oil on My shelf. it’s bottled the same way as sherm. dumb ass cops. EYE only smoke good, pure weed that EYE roll Myself. EYE AM NOT smokin wet or usin any hard drugs. EYE hope they believe Me. EYE mean, They should. They’ve been watchin.

They’re good at this thing tho. Yaya is clearly well seasoned. She’s been playin it Her entire Life. EYE AM startin 2 believe My Family r the inventors of the game tho none of them r Orishas nor illuminatés, but We do have a history at the Mecca.

they held a blood drive 4 My Grandfather back in the day 2 try 2 save His Life right b4 My Life was born. My Great Aunt went 2 the school in the building We smoke at on campus called ‘’the bat cave’’. My Great-Grandfather ran shit down there EYE AM COMING 2 learn. Yaya has shown Me photos of big time celebrities in her livin room when she was Child. this is obviously My calling. 2 b The Man like he was. 

Yaya is just 2 good at this tho and She’s trained the entire Family. She’s done an especially good job with My Orb. now, They’re pretendin 2 b feuding with each other over My Future. They act like she’s teamed up with My Future’s Life’s family against Him. Sumhow, this is Them testin Me in sum way. EYE’ve tried 2 split time between both w/o the other 1 knowin. My Orb screamed at Me and treated Me bad when He found out that EYE spend time with My Nephew and Yaya 2gether. It’s all very cute, but they have 2 see EYE AM the Melchizidek of My Nephew’s Life. The Good Doctor taught that Melchizidek is a Messiah becuz he is found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. My Nephew sees Me on both parts of His Life. EYE just don’t see Him when He is with His grandmother. EYE don’t appreciate how those ppl tried 2 break up My Family. she doesn’t kno that My Orb and Yaya r playin possum with her.

EYE wonder wat tomorrow holds. hopefully, they’ll tell Me EYE can leave. EYE got so frustrated with em earlier that EYE threw a milk at the wall. EYE hope God doesn’t treat Me like Moses 4 that. He doesn’t like when We do things out of anger.

EYE don’t think EYE’ll have 2 beat off tonight. EYE AM actually feelin a little sleepy. until next time, babble on, Babylon...

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