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New Beginnings...

New Beginnings...

When I stopped looking for it, it found me.

When I closed my eyes to embrace the darkness, the light came through.

When I stopped thinking about them, I fell for you.

So many wells have run dry. All of these years flew by.

Standing still on an 8-lane highway.

Traffic going & coming.

Yet I’m still. Not running.

Before it all became, it was.

Was useless.

Was stressful.

Was pointless.

Was regretful.

Now? I love it.

I earned it.

I deserve it.

We deserve this.

Those around me stepped back. Faded to black.

But I guess it’s now mutual.

These barren crops became so fruitful.


I’m almost certain that what it is.

I’m pretty sure that’s what it will be.

Growing. Progressing. Let us love & accept this blessing.

Be driven. Be motivated.

Be in love. Be together.

Forget the opposition. The questions.

The doubters.

Understand the purpose. Prove it’s worth it.

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