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America's New Civil War

America's New Civil War

“There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from…”

It has been said time and time before, “The revolution will not televised,” but I have a different theory:

The revolution is being televised and it’s happening right now.

Writing this in the aftermath of the sickening events that took place in Orlando, Florida only a few days ago has left me with few thoughts as my entire body feels sadness all over for the victims and their families. One thought, however, has been prevalent and reoccurring throughout the past few days:

“What a wicked world we live in.”

I don’t want to say I predicted what happened, nobody in their right mind could see any of that coming and to say such a thing would be utter disrespect to the grieving families. But, all the signs have been there. Signs of a country slowly tearing itself apart from the inside out. Signs of a country so afraid of the world around them, they start to believe that the only way to feel safe is to isolate themselves. Signs of a country on the brink of a new Civil War.

Now, I’m not saying Civil War in the sense where we all grab our muskets from the coat closet and line up on the streets with lanterns. No, this Civil War has the potential to be much worse. A Civil War in which the battleground is the very fabric that founded this country, where the families built upon hundreds of years of immigrants that came to America for a better life are the soldiers, and the innocent casualties are the generation of children growing up right now, watching all of it happen.

America’s new Civil War is not the North vs. South, America’s new Civil War is every man for his or her self.

Turn on the news right now and you will see a person with more than a good chance to be the president of the free world, radicalizing his followers by tell them that they can no longer “trust thy neighbor” and the only way to re-gain their own personal trust is to get rid of any person that doesn’t share their complexion. A person so afraid of minds more intelligent than his that he feeds upon the inner fear and hatred of each and every individual American, and let’s face it, folks; we haven’t been doing a very good job at showing him just how strong we are as a union. In fact, me writing this right now is the very proof that we’ve done a terrible job of standing up for ourselves, our families, and generations to come.

We have grown so accustomed to finding the easy way out of situations that we stopped fighting for ourselves. We have grown so unable to communicate our own beliefs that we have resorted to no longer communicating at all. We have grown accustomed to complaining about every little thing that doesn’t go our way that we forgot this is not supposed to be easy. It’s easy to hate. Trust me, I understand; I’m human, too. It’s easy to find something that we dislike about someone before we even meet them, and they would probably say the same about you. The only way to fight the hate, and the evil, and the systemic hypocrisy, however, is to not allow ourselves to be manipulated into becoming un-American. We must get back to helping others, rather than hating others. All of it is hard, but all of it is fair.

We can point however many fingers we want, but we are just as guilty. In some cases, we might even be guiltier. Overseas countries may have suicide bombers and IED’s, but America has mentally ill citizens and assault rifles. Amongst this ongoing ‘war on terrorism’ and fight against Jihadist extremism, we’ve forgotten that Americans are also becoming radicalized by the 24/7 news cycles, instilling manufactured feelings as if it’s right to call someone an immigrant, or an other kind of racial slur, simply because their complexion is of a different tone than theirs. When a white person terrorizes an abortion clinic because the Bible says, “abortion is wrong,” is that not considered Christian extremism? Where do we draw the line? Let me know, so I can draw on top of it with a permanent marker that way we never forget.

I’m not saying I have it all figured out, I’m not saying we have it all messed up. Ask any trauma survivor what helped them make it out of their situation alive and they will all answer with, “Hope.” I still have hope in this country, though, Lord knows it gets harder every day, but these are real, American problems and we must come up with real, American solutions for each. We’ve done so for years, we can do it again.

We move better as a country when we move together as a country.

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