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Put You On: 3 New EFFEN Vodka Flavors

Put You On: 3 New EFFEN Vodka Flavors

Vodka as a whole has seen a steady decline but some brands are still kicking butt, and EFFEN is one of them.  Ever since 50 Cent jumped on board, the brand has seen a rise in sales and popularity.  Now EFFEN has adopted a scheme that was started and has worked for Ciroc by incorporating a DJ influencer program.  So far EFFEN has DJ Camilo, DJ Envy, and DJ Kast One.  All three are major players in the DJ world and have a great following.  To celebrate the new EFFEN, they have released EFFEN Blood Orange Vodka, EFFEN Green Apple Vodka, and EFFEN Raspberry Vodka.

Flavored drinks in all categories (rum, whiskey and vodka) have been sinking in sales, people want real drinks not fruity, flavorful options, that’s what juices are made for, but EFFEN is riding an incredible wave and extending their portfolio might work.  Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect, all three drinks are sweet, but some work better in cocktails, EFFEN Blood Orange, it’s the 1st of its kind among the bigger vodka brands, it’s a popular flavor and goes great with a lemon or citrus Pellegrino.  The EFFEN Green Apple has a lot of similarities to Ciroc’s Apple so if you like their apple you will also like EFFEN’s.  Lastly, the EFFEN Raspberry, its light and taste like your typical raspberry flavored vodka except it doesn’t taste like cough syrup.

EFFEN® Blood Orange Mimosa

1 part EFFEN® Blood Orange Vodka

1 part Orange Juice

3 parts Sparkling Wine

METHOD: Shake first two ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled champagne flute. Top with sparkling wine.

EFFEN® Green Apple Mule

1 part EFFEN® Green Apple Vodka

2 parts Ginger Beer

Juice of 1/2 Lime

METHOD: Squeeze the lime half into a Copper Mug filled with crushed ice and drop in the squeezed lime. Add vodka and ginger beer and stir.

EFFEN® Fresh Start

1½ parts EFFEN® Raspberry Vodka

2 parts Fresh Lemon Sour

1 part Peach Puree

½ part Campari®

Lemon Wheel for Garnish

METHOD: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over fresh ice in a tall highball or Collins glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel on the rim.

EFFEN Green Apple Power Play

1.5 parts EFFEN® Green Apple Vodka

3 parts Lemonade

Top with Lemon-Lime Soda

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