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Event Invite: The Night Show II (NYC) - Proceeds to Benefit Haiti

Event Invite: The Night Show II (NYC) - Proceeds to Benefit Haiti

Russell Simmons’s The Show was Hip Hop’s first true documentary that allowed its fans to get an inside look into the lives of the artist.  This documentary was the inspiration for the party series The Night Show.  The Night Show is a party series curated with the intent to bring back feelings of NYC nightlife before VIPs, bottle service and underpaid door guys.  The music, the style and feelings will all be restored with The Night Show.  Featuring images of iconic covers from the legendary hip hop lifestyle magazine, Vibe, classic cocktails made famous in the 1990s, and true to the Latin Quarters formula, men must be 25 years and older to party and everyone is there in their best formal duds.

The Tunnel, an infamous party made famous by the legendary Funk Master Flex and Jessica Rosenblum, brought people from all walks together for one thing, a great party.  Celebrities, athletes and the common folk all partied together to create some legendary nights.  Copacabana, Latin Quarters, Club NY, and Cheetahs had similar success except they had a dress code, and an high age limit.  Latin Quarters had a 25 years old and over to party requirement.  It worked, good times were had but then came tables and bottle service and NYC nightlife, as we knew it died forever.

The Night Show gives you the opportunity to relive those moments or experience it for the first time.  Part II will feature cocktails from Tito’s Vodka (Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan and Vodka Soda) along with classic drinks for Camus Cognac (Manhattan, Old Fashion and Cognac Ginger).  This party couldn’t go on without giving back, and with the devastation in Haiti, a portion of all proceed with benefit Heir Of Salvation for Haiti relief.

Peep the complete details below:

Where: Vanity, 59 West 21st Street

When: November 19th 2016

Time: 6pm to 11pm

Featuring: Vibe.com vintage covers from the 2000s, cocktails from Tito’s Vodka and Camus Cognac complimentary all night.

Dress code: Cocktail Attire

Music: DJ Zeke, Music from 90s/2000s (Hip Hop, R&B, House, Reggae, Reggaeton and Top 40)

Extra: Women 21+, Men 25+

Tickets: Early Bird, $40, GA $54.50 thenightshownyc2.eventbrite.com

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Remember That Night?

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