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I Don't Wanna Talk About Th...ibs

I Don't Wanna Talk About Th...ibs

"I bet y'all wish Thibs was back" to "I miss Thibs" I've seen em all since his departure, today I wanna address it.

BE CLEAR.....This isn't intended to "shit on" Thibs in any way, this is the facts for those who lack them and make comments about what we should have done to keep a coach that didn't fit in the long run. By no means am I saying Thibs isn't or wasn't good enough to be a head coach, I'm simply saying what the results have said time and again.

The same people on the outside looking in who proclaimed "yea y'all winning 60 games but y'all can't beat LeBron or win the chip" are the SAME ones selling "man y'all shoulda kept Thibs"...the coach who had us winning said games.

If this were a team on the come up, barely making the playoffs, getting a 1st-2nd round exit would be acceptable because you can see the progress. (Ex: the Timberwolves job.) When you're a team crowned and "ready" to win your respective conference and contend for a title, JUST making the playoffs is a huge step backwards when you come up shorter every year.

If Thibs can duplicate even half of what he accomplished in Chicago for the Timberwolves? THAT would be a huge accomplishment; what he did for us was deemed a disappointment because the expectations were far higher. We already saw what he could do for us with what he had to work with, and tension with GarPax didn't help matters either. He basically has the keys to the franchise in MIN now, and ownership in CHI wasn't comfortable handing him that type of control.

I watched Thibs let us go down by 7...then 10..then 14...then 20 before he felt like calling a timeout without making any adjustments. On the flip side I saw Thibs preach defense and rebounding which the players respected and hung their hats on. One thing was for sure, no matter how much talent we were up against we always had a shot with Thibs system of playing hard, but a shot isn't enough when you can't capitalize. That message gets old after a while and a new messenger is needed.

A guy like....Popovich can preach that militant style because he has the jewelry to prove there's a method to his madness.

Also, let's not forget Thibs had a healthy Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Kyle Korver, Taj Gibson, etc. at one point in that run as well. We lost some players and have battled injuries, which counts and matters a lot when you wanna place blame on Hoiberg like he was handed the same exact team and came up short.

Please don't for one second think I'm letting GarPax off the hook, because I'm not, AT ALL. They're the most stubborn front office in the entire league. However, Thibs mismanagement of minutes and failure to make adjustments doesn't fall on the shoulders of GarPax either.

Hoiberg has Tony "where does the ball go again?" Snell out there b, c'mon.

Thibs had the players laying asphalt and repainting the Sistine Chapel in their spare time, stop it.

My point is, being a good coach doesn't necessarily make you the right coach for every job. So, no I don't miss Thibs or wish we never let him go. He did what he could and it wasn't enough, miss me with missing that.

Stop talking to me about Thibs, please. I wish him all the best, but enough is enough.

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