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NYG Report: Week 6 vs. Baltimore Recap

NYG Report: Week 6 vs. Baltimore Recap

Week 6 saw us in an early "must win" game at home against Flacco and the Ravens. A game in which Baltimore had injuries at key positions which almost felt like we'd have a fairly easy day, but when you're the Giants; easy doesn't exist.

We started the game out on defense, looking to set the tone early. A few plays into the drive, Flacco finds Perriman down the middle for a 41 yard gain and a huge momentum boost. Our defense definitely bent, but held off on the breaking as we held them to a field goal. On the ensuing drive, Eli finds Odell for a quick 5 yard gain that resulted in a fumble giving the Ravens excellent field position. This time they wouldn't settle for a field goal, as they went up 10-0.

The game started to look like one that would get out of control if we didn't show some urgency. After a series of 3 and outs by both teams, one who could afford them and one who was us; the offense finally started clicking. Eli found Roger Lewis in the end zone for a 24 yard TD pass that pulled up to within 3 points in the second quarter. We head into the half down by 3 after an Eli interception to end the second quarter.

As the second half begins with us receiving the ball, coming away with zero points was far from an option this late in the game. 15 plays and 3 points later we're all even at 10, and the real game begins.

It turns into a boxing match with Baltimore getting a field goal to go up 3 as the result of an Eli interception. Eli finding Odell for a 75 yard TD to put us back on top by 4. Baltimore coming right back to pull within 1 as they were able to get yet another field goal. We counter with a field goal of our own to take a 4 point lead. The game is shaping up for a classic finish, right?

And then...

On Baltimore's next drive, the refs called one of the worst calls in the history of the game. DRC was literally pushed by Perriman as he defended the ball, and got called for DEFENSIVE pass interference. A call that would deflate our defense and give the Ravens perfect field position to take the lead late in the game. Which is exactly what they did; 23-20.

But wait...it gets better.

With 2:04 left in the game, Eli has another chance to lead a game winning drive and get us to 3-3. First play is an incomplete pass and it takes us to the 2-minute warning. Second was a 6-yard pass to Larry Donnell. 3rd down and 4 to go, Donnell is the target again and he runs out of bounds after only picking up 3 yards. At this point I'm sweating like Pat Ewing because it's 4th & 1, the game is on the line, and we're in passing formation.

Eli drops back, Odell gets a step on his defender and comes away with more than enough yards to move the chains as he took a quick pass all the way home for 66 yards and the game winning TD.

Game Ball, obviously, goes to Odell Beckham Jr. for his 8rec 222yds 2TD performance. Shout out to him and the net for their sideline ceremony. The same net that he punched and got hit by, he's now using to mock those who wouldn't stop talking about it.

It should be noted that taking his helmet off after he scored did cost us 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff which, coupled with an eventual roughing the passer penalty on defense, could have cost us the game with field position.

Luckily, we were able to stand tall on defense and secure the W.

Next up, a 9:30am meeting with the LA Rams this Sunday in London. I'll be drinking by 8am, judge me if you must, and looking forward to seeing if we can get back to back wins heading into the bye. Holla.

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