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Piatto D'Oro Review

Piatto D'Oro Review

First off, the story behind the title is priceless. Piatto D'Oro is not only the name of a restaurant Meyhem frequented, it translates to "plate of gold". He decided to take his Versace plate out the stash, place his and a friend's jewelry on it to have an actual plate of gold.

This project from my guy Laurenovich is a great listen, front to back. Whether you're on a road trip, riding around after a fresh haircut/lineup, or relaxing in need of good aura talk; trust me this is it. I sat with it and this is my analysis....

1. "Sauce" f/ Hologram (3:33): the track, produced by Seth Silenser, opens with helicopter propellers serving as a backdrop for what sounds like the theme music to an exquisite dinner and/or coke transaction. [Standout bar]: "got my chest out, rocking silk while I get milked. bitch niggas try to play, fuck around and get killed."

2. "Aggressive Metal" (2:31): Meyhem describes this as street corner music and it definitely lives up to that. The overall feel reminds me of that 3 piece suit, feather in the hat, tommy gun era. [Standout bar]: " '84 Gucci on, wrist on chill. Eat steak, move flake while we get this mil."

3. "Badmon Ting" f/ Big Body Bes (3:00): the track opens with Bes making you aware that he'll happily pull up on a horse of Puerto Rican descent. the beat sounds like vintage Fila suit music and Meyhem's flow is perfect music to dutty wine with a firearm. [Standout bar]: "Larry David, Larry Davis. my style is like a mix of both, I'm outrageous."

4. "Vintage" (3:05): this is where Mey blends old school views with new school principles and bars. Vintage kicks, vintage knits, and a classic boom bap beat to complete the cipher. [Standout bar]: "Cuban link neckbrace, my chain is so heavy. get brain collect fetty."

5. "Bonus Round" f/ Roc Marciano, Big Body Bes, Action Bronson. (4:55): the beat is the theme music to a Saturdaymorning with the top down. They ran the 3 Man Weave on this track and scored with ease. [Standout bar]: "it's hind leg Laurenovich, peace to my calf. got workers on the strip, lord peace to my staff."

6. "Money In My Pocket" (2:43): I can almost guarantee this will be a crowd favorite when he performs it. The hook is anthem like, and one of my favorite parts of the song is the woman doing adlibs, which complements the track beautifully. [Standout bar]: "shirtless with shades on, whippin something foreign. I keep my wrist wrapped like I'm sparring."

7. "Not Guilty" (3:06): A person favorite of mine on the tape. The beat gives you a bop that your body can't even resist, on some fly shit. This is absolutely "just beat the FEDS" music. [Standout bar]: "swerving in another region, looking exotic. might've seen me in ya bitch's pelvis, moving erotic."

8. "Live Ginger" (2:53): right off the back this beat reminds me MOP, and that's always good. The hilarious story about how a train ride almost turned into a case being told in the background basically serves as the hook and absolutely makes this song a must listen. [Standout bar]: "wood grain dashes with some good framed glasses. the hood gave classes on how to give a nigga slashes."

9. "Garlic And Oil" f/ Action Bronson (3:49): *deep sigh*....this song is TOO GOOD. This is what perfect chemistry and elite bars sound like when they match up. The beat switch at the 1:47 mark is like dessert after the best steak. I almost don't even wanna choose a standout bar because they both had PLENTY...so I'll give you gems from both. [Standout bar]: (Meyhem) "it's the black Batman, Bruce Wayne who sell caine; 100 push-ups a set, I stay sober. If niggas wanna put up their hands, it's game over." (Action) "you'll get lifted, like my son when I see him; can't wait til he driving something European. leather smell like tea tree oil in the Z3. A lot of people wanna be me."

10. "Fuckin The Whole Crew" (4:09): This reminds me of a an old school Bad Boy, Ma$e and Total type of joint by the beat. Mey finds out his new shorty ain't so new and ain't so his either, so he's venting and giving up game. Hard choosing a standout bar on a story track where every line is vital, but one in particular shows how sick he was. [Standout bar]: "I really liked you, I almost wifed you. White Niked you, gold and bright iced you."

11. "Hate" (3:52): This song displays Meyhem's absolute disgust with how much people hate to see him shine; as he proceeds to list what you can hate him for since that's what you're into. [Standout bar]: "We shining at the luncheon. My jewelry gets steamed, like a dumpling."

12. "Flexxin" (2:23): Might be the grittiest beat on the tape, as Meyhem starts off questioning the street cred of those who pretend. He then goes into flexing his own muscle with pure black Jeep, uzi out the window talk. [Standout bar]: "silk on, 6 days out of the week. On the 7th rock nothing, cuz I'm out with a freak."

13. "Dragon VS Wolf" f/ Action Bronson (2:18): We get another clutch collab with Mr. Wonderful here. This time over a beat that sounds like wine is being poured as the ice sculpture in the middle of the table is revealed before dinner is served. Gorgeous music. [Standout bar]: "Run up in ya crib and demand steak. Pretty bitches rub my feet til their hands break."

14. "Sweet Chick" (3:29): Imagine if the NWO black/white were gonna flip their theme music to rap over a smoother beat, THIS would be it. It's perfect for late nights in the whip driving home. Anybody familiar with Mey's freestyle ability knows he can switch his flow for any beat tempo, this one is a real joy to hear him flow on. [Standout bar]: "My life is so phenomenal, word to the layer of fat on my abdominal. Word to the layer of silk over the fat layer, word to the chain on the silk I'm not a taxpayer."

15. "Elevation" (3:27): This is the perfect ending to such a great project. The beat makes you feel like they're bringing the championship out to center court while you're guzzling Henny. Gotta love how Meyhem floated here talking about the come up and how to spread the love once you're there. The most motivational song I've heard in a while, full of jewels from the jeweler himself. [Standout bar]: "critical blocks, cynical plots. high performance time pieces, fuck digital clocks..let's get it! Let's progress though; keep the bread high, how you keep the stress low."

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