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Ready to Play - Part 1

Ready to Play - Part 1


I thought a night out with the girls

Would be fun, a nice distraction but

The music is loud and the prospects don't

Compare to the man I picture in my head as I

Lick my lips and twirl my phone in my hands

Thinking, I should've kept my ass home instead

Now, I'm sitting at the bar and I

Can't wait to get to him...

I thumb through our message thread

And finally, send him a text

"You up?"

Tell him I've had enough of my friends

I'm going to finish this last drink

And make my way to him

Tell him I can be there in ten

Remind him of the rules, "No talking."

But he already knows what it is

I say my goodbyes, quickly

Head to valet, God knows

I don't need a ticket but I'm speeding

Mind drifts away from the road

Aged whiskey in my system

Yoni screaming his name

Pull up outside his place

Start fumbling trying to use my key

He opens the door before I can

I look into his eyes, let out a light laugh

He grabs me by the waist

Pulls me inside

I giggle some more

Dropping my keys and bag

Take in how he towers over me

Eyes glossed over with anticipation

I smirk, "I'm ready to play."


"You're late"

She knows I don't like waiting

Third glass of scotch abandoned

She will pay for trying my patience

"Up against the wall"

As I search and grope her physique

Licking my lips as she pants

Dying for ours to meet

"Anything here I need to worry about?"

My hands wander under her coat

She smirks and whispers maybe


I snarl back

Wrapping my hand around her throat

She manages to scream out "yes daddy"

Whiskey still hinting on her breath

Inebriated and anxious

Ready for whatever’s next

I remove her coat slowly,

Reminding her to mind her movements…


I lock both her hands with my right

Above our heads

Commence kissing on her neck

She scales my body with her thigh

Our lips finally entwine

She gasps and moans

And thrusts her pelvis

The sweetest of all the wines

A tease no more

The pressure too much

A release is certain

I lick her lips

Lift by her hips

In her ear I whisper




Between the wall and this man

I twist and lock my ankles behind him

This is what I've been looking forward to

Playing submissive

I've been the boss all week

Now I let him lead

He thinks he's in control and

I let him

"You know what I like"

He mumbles a reply

Then he wraps his left arm around my waist

Securing me against his body

Carries me into the kitchen

And kneels still holding onto me

Never moves his lips from my skin

I can't hide my excitement

"What are you doing?"

He doesn't respond

He leans into me until I find myself

Back pressed against the floor

He sits back as if taking me in for the first time

I smile

"What are you doing?"

I ask him again

He reaches for the zipper at the side of my dress

as I lift my arms and run my hands through my hair

He peels my dress back revealing my breast

I shiver from the air pulling my arms in to my chest

He whispers.

"Don't hide from me."

I relax.

He reaches for something above us on the counter

"What are you doing?"


Hidden behind a stack of unread mail

Is a very sweaty bucket of ice…

It's evident I've been waiting for her all night

My hand shakes as I pull out clumps of ice

The run off drips and splashes over her torso

She giggles while shivering

Begging me to stop

Her pleas fall on deaf ears

I trail each puddle with my tongue

Allowing this lovely iceberg to roam over her body with very little resistance

Water spilling, splashing everywhere

She smirks while she asks

"You're going to drink it all?”

My response is muffled as I continue to kiss her

"Every last drop."

She tosses her head back in satisfaction

Our banter is one of her bigger turn-ons

A large chunk of ice melts away as it runs along the inside of her thigh

Her back arches and legs spread

As she sets the table in front of me

"Presumptuous are we?"

I joke

Trapping the ice cluster inside her panties

Which melted immediately

She looks at me with a smile and reminds me

"Every last drop."

Thrilled by her bravado and opportunity to finally be the one in control

I pin her down and set about to clean her

Likely making more of a mess in the process...

To be continued...

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