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Ready to Play - Part 2

Ready to Play - Part 2


His hands press my thighs back as

I use my right hand to hold his head in place

And grip my right breast with the left,

Concentrating the pressure in the right places

The shockwaves from my hand and his relentlessness

Meet at my core

Forcing me to arch my back

Possessed, moments from touching the face of God

And he...

Pulls back, looks at me


I cry out in anguish

"You said every drop."

He moves, positioning himself in between my legs

Places kisses on my stomach

Takes my breasts in his hands

Gently kisses my lips

Like he's worried I might break

The weight of him pressing into me

And I feel safe

"Daddy, let's go to the balcony..."


Full domination wasn't on the menu

So I delightfully accepted her balcony request

Lifting her from the floor

And over my shoulder

All in one motion

Her heart beating through her chest

Emphatically against mine

She has her hands clutching my waist

To prevent a fall

Still she finds a way to kiss my pelvis

Jeopardizing our journey to the balcony

Inspired by her nectar dripping down my shoulders

I let her slide a bit

Till she's hanging in front of me

"You want me to bring you outside or eat you up this wall?

She completely ignores my threat

Batting her eyes and biting her lips

Before continuing her well placed kisses

Her desired effect achieved at this point

No way we're taking another step

Almost simultaneously

She grips my manhood with both hands

While I spread her thighs with my chin

Marveling at her scent

And the sound of her sticky lips separating

Oh time to taste

Holding her up in the middle of the living room


Standing in the middle of the living room

Orally fixated on each other

Fuck the balcony


He flips me onto his couch and I

Let out a shriek

My hair is messy

I sit up and twist it into a bun at the top of my head

Licking my lips

As he laughs and wipes me from his beard

"You promised me four."

I remind him of the last time we played our game

"That was one. Three to go."

He doesn't speak, turns his back to me

And I take him in, all of him

I stand up and walk to him

"Don't ignore me."

I hate to be ignored

Just before I reach out to him

He turns around and closes the distance between us

"I'm not ignoring you. You talk too much."

His eyes are dark

And my breathing becomes heavier

I push him away playfully

And begin to back away

He pursues

The back of my legs touch the couch

And I extend my arms

Pressing my hands against his chest

"Well, shut me up then."

He reaches down suddenly

Grabbing the back of my legs, pulling me off of my feet

And back onto the couch

Pulls me out to him

Until my legs are on either side of him

And I can feel him throbbing into my center

He leans forward wrapping one hand around my throat

His voice hoarse, he whispers

"Are you ready?"

And then he enters me.

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