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RESPECT: Bruce Lee

RESPECT: Bruce Lee

To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities"

Bruce Lee was another icon in the Hollywood world, nothing like we ever seen before with 5 classic movies, he was the biggest martial arts star at one point, alot of people say he was fake or he was never that fast, those were just camera tricks, yeah ok, we talking bout to same guy who broke Chuck Norris arm without even touching him in Return Of The Dragon, the same guy who jumped so high he kicked the hanging lamp off the ceiling, the same guy who went looney on the set of Enter The Dragon breaking every mirror but the director kept the camera rolling. Bruce Lee might have been weird and crazy to some people but he was smart and knew the business, his famous "Be Like Water" philosophy is always relevant and inpiratonal, please watch that interview on Youube. Bruce Lee is the reason why you see kung-fu sction stars like Jackie Chan (who made a brief cameo in Enter he Dragon) and Jet Li in films today, Jet Li made a movie in 1996 titled The Black Mask which his character was dressed like Kato from The Green Hornet tv show and a guest on the 1967 Batman, a role Bruce Lee starred in before he became the big action star. But there were some other things to Bruce that nobody could really figure out, was Bruce battling demons? Was his family cursed? According to the biopic released in 1993 titled Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Lee would have nightmares about a warrior-like demon out to kill him and his son, not saying if its accurate or not but sadly is son Brandon Lee also died while filming The Crow. Not saying the family curse is real but man you never know... 

"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done"

On some real shit I think Bruce was murdered also, from a business meeting with a woman at her crib to dying from a brain aneurysm the next day?, alot of rumors lead up to his death according to some documentaries, whether it was Bruce breaking the Chinese tradition/code for teaching other Americans the Jeet Kune Do fighting style (that originally he created) or showing the world "secret things" from martial arts in general that were supposed to stay quiet for thousand of years, i dont know, its strange, or he could have just died from the severe allegic reaction to the painkiller he took, we'll never know but its a interesting conversation to have without talking like a YouTube comment conspiracy theorist. From coming up and training, being mentored by the great the Ip Man to becoming an legendary icon in the Hollywood martial arts world, Bruce Lee is forever and there will never be another, the Dragon biopic is cool but its going to be hard to pull off one today, if a good video game company can put tofether something special, I wouldn't mind another Bruce Lee game, in fact I want one cause 2002's was kind of a let down, it was fun in some aspects though. It's a shame Bruce went out like the way he did, and Hollywood taking his idea of a TV show titled Kung-Fu by giving the role to David Carradine. (see, the whitewashing in film and television is nothing new, shit been strange from the jump) but he left behind 5 classic films we all know from him, one including his final piece of work Enter The Dragon, still the greatest martial arts film ever made. R.I.P

"A goal is not always meant to be reched, it often serves simply as something to aim at"

Bruce Lee Films.

Fist Of Fury - Lee's first film, moving to Thailand from China to live with his cousins, Bruce's character "Cheng" works at this ice factory only to find out the ice company is shipping drugs through the ice, when Cheng's cousins are murdered for not joining and was about to let him know what happened. he's out for revenge on the ice company owners. Fist Of Fury is Lee's first movie and it delivered like it was suppose to.

The Chinese Connection - Probably the most underrated Bruce Lee film under the Golden Harverst production company, after finding out his teacher was murdered, Bruce goes insane and starts fighting in killing everyone in his way bringing justice to those connected to his master's death. The fight scenes in this movie is crazy, especially when Bruce is in the school taking on 30-40 kung-fu students and the teacher next, nobody literally touches this guy.

Game Of Death - One of the last films Bruce got to film before his death, but only half of it was shot while another chinese actor, some bad special effects and scenes from different movies were there to fill in for Lee. Even though this movie had to be done, it goes to show you that without Bruce, nothing is the same, that's why you really can't blame the first half for being just ok, but thankfully Bruce shot all the excellent parts first, after his character Billy Lo and his girl refuses to make a deal with the mob, Lo is almost killed, surviving from a gunshot to the face, Lo goes as a disguised sensai for a breif moment and goes undercover and hunts down the mob responsible for the hit, before going after the main mobster, Billy Lo must go through a 3 story building to get to the man who tried to kill him, one of those three fighters were no other the legend 6x NBA Champion Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. This movie had the famous yellow and black jumpsuit that is used in moves later down the line like The Last Dragon and Kill Bill, video games, it even inspired Kobe Bryant to make some shoes after the film, yes they are fire by the way. "You Lose, Carl Miller".

Return Of The Dragon My favorite Bruce Lee film out the Golden Harvest collection, this movie is really a comedy all the way through, the plot is simple, Lee's character comes from Hong Kong and arrives in Rome to help save a chinese resturant from a gang full of bozos, the fight scenes in this movie are epic, Lee takes on a whole gang who thinks he knows nothing about Chinese Boxing then its all hell for them. After Bruce beats their ass numorus times, the boss man calls in 2 top fighters around the world to help take Lee out, one of those are Chuck Norris, the Chuck Norris is undefeated joke is cool and all but make sure you don't skip that ass whooping Bruce Lee gave him in Return Of The Dragon, funny how people seem to forget that.

Enter The Dragon Best martial arts movie ever created, the fact that (another legend) Jim Kelly is in this make it an instant classic, Fist Of Fury might have been Bruce's first big movie in China, but overall Enter The Dragon is what Lee is known for, Lee is out for revenge as an undercover agent to find his sister's killer and a man involved with a prostitution and drug traffking ring on a island. This movie is the GOAT martial arts film, it had Jim Kelly as the first blaxplotitation character fighting alongside Bruce Lee while also having Jim Kelly weigh on the black & japanese community struggles as he tells Roper. "They don't live so big over there, ghettos are the same all around the world, they stink." This movie also inspired the 1995 Mortal Kombat film, which is still the best video game movie to date, Lui Kang, Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage go to an island with Raiden's help to stop an evil sorcerer by the name of Shang Tsung, if you watched this you'll completely see they took the premise/plot of Enter The Dragon and just remixed it, but it worked really well and I still watch it today cause it's a classic. Point is though, there will never be another Enter The Dragon made, even if you try to remake it or reboot it with a bullshit tv show, it ain't happening, Bruce Lee had that aura, you can try all you want. "Man, you come right out of a comic book".

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