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Rise Up: Week 2 vs. Oakland Recap

Rise Up: Week 2 vs. Oakland Recap

I’ll be completely honest with you, I was expecting to Falcons to go to Oakland and get their asses whooped. I felt this way until the clock hit 0:00, and relieved is an understatement. So now I can say…WE WON, RISE UP!!!!!! Even though we won, it was messy and there are things we need a ton of work on.  Let’s discuss the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good

1.    Matthew Thomas Ryan!!! I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a huge Matty Ice fan, but he played well yesterday. Even though he threw that INT, he showed that he is still a good QB, definitely improved from the disaster of last season. His number weren’t bad either, Ryan threw for 396 yards, 3 TD’s and completed 26 of his 34 pass attempts. If this Matt shows up for the rest of the season, Atlanta could definitely be looking at the playoffs (well...maybe).

2.   Offense as a whole, Ryan got everyone involved during the game yesterday. Hardy, Jones, Coleman, Freeman, Hooper, and the shocker, Toilolo all caught the ball and picked up some positive yardage. Being able to change out personnel on offense is definitely a plus for the Falcons. Pass protection was another big reason Ryan was able to play so well. I can’t explain the joy it gave me to see the O-line blocking well, and allowing Ryan to read his options.

3.   I have to give the tiniest amount of credit to Beasley, who finally decided to show up and play ball. His “sack”, and I put quotes there because he didn’t technically tackle Carr just ran him out of bounds, came at a crucial point in the game and definitely helped. Hopefully this is just his warm up, and he goes on the attack for the rest of the season.

4.   2 words: Eric. Weems. You know why, and if you disagree, tell your mama because I don’t care.

The Bad

1.    Penalties. Similar to game 1 there were way too many penalties called against us and they were so stupid. The 12th man on the field during an Oakland punt that led to a TD…WTF was that? Now there were definitely some calls that made me scratch my head, especially the ones on Alford’s INT and the Julio spiked football. Nonetheless, we have to play smarter and not allow these penalties to cost us.

2.   Pass rush; oh pass rush, where for art thou pass rush? I found myself, along with a few fellow Falcons fans, screaming at the defense on Sunday. There were several times defenders were close enough to make the extra push and sack Carr, but they didn’t. I don’t know how to remedy this, maybe it needs to be a personnel change, but we have to get this together ASAP.

3.   Tackling. The Falcons defense has got to stop trying to strip the ball, and these cute little arm tackles because they aren’t working. You would think that defensive players in the NFL would know how to tackle, but it seems our guys forget how to do that once the game starts. There were way too many missed tackles, and with the teams we’re about to play it’s not going to work. They will destroy us.

The Ugly

1.    Kyle Shanahan and this conservative offense he’s trying to run…NO. I want him to go away.

2.   I’m trying not to get upset about the 75-yard drive Oakland took down the field by literally doing the same play over and over and over again. Short pass from Carr to a receiver down the middle for 10 yards.  It kept happening and it was embarrassing. It was a very bad look on our players, and coaching staff.

At the end of the day a win is a win, but if the Falcons team wants to make it to the playoffs, then we have to do better. I still have faith in my guys. Next week we’re in New Orleans to play the aint’s, and I need us to win. Hate week starts now!!!

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