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See You at Home - a poem

See You at Home - a poem

I have abandonment issues

So even if I don't care if you leave

I'll fight for you because

It's just a thing

That I do.

I couldn’t care less about who loves you

In fact, I hope you love her, too

But I...

Have to win

It's like this fucked up competition

Where I'm trying to convince my ego

That I can make you fall again it's

One of the things I inherited

It's one of the things my daddy did

He came and he went

So I don't really do feels

But I do irrational attachment

Where even if I'm cheating

I'll want to stay if you're leaving

Because who the fuck do you think you are

Like, the fuck you thought

That shit don't happen until I'm ready

I'm spoiled and I'm fucking petty

Say what you will but

I'm judging you cause you judgey

And maybe I could use some healing

But my heart's been cold for so long

Your frustration with me is confusing

You said you didn't want long term

Now you tripping, now you choosing

At the altar, recommitted

We both leaving

We both dizzy

From the whirlwind of feelings

Relationship been dead

But familiar is so easy

I'm telling myself that she could never be me

You asking if you could see me

We both done, both filled with pride

Turn our backs to each other

You texting shawty

I'm texting the homie

Now, He know me better than you know me

But we got history

And ain't really no quit in me

And ain't no quitting me

I don't want you

And you don't want me

But we both damaged

So I sit on the phone

Pretending to cry

Until you tell me you'll always be

My lover.

And we keep rocking

we both afraid of healing

Should've been done a long time ago

But comfort is convenient

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