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Fiction Series: Don't Be a Shenanigan - Part 2

Fiction Series: Don't Be a Shenanigan - Part 2

“BRO WHAT IN THE FUCK JUST HAPPEN?” was the first thought that processed in my head as i woke up in disarray. I could’ve swore the night was beginning for us when we made our toast. But for me to end up at the homies apartment on their couch, waking up confused about the night before is messing with me. “Oh so you finally awake now my nigga,” a voice yelled from the other room. I recognized the voice and it was D-Will. I’m just groggy as hell trying to get my life together as I respond back, “bruh how in the fuck did I get back here?” He walked out of the room laughing and said “Renae and I had to help your lit ass up them stairs. Boy you was gone to the moon last night nigga.” I replied back, “Yeah I figured that. What happened? You had pulled up on us last night?” I asked him. D-Will replied, “Man i got there late, but by that time, y’all was just all over the place. I was looking for you and found you coming out the bathroom adjusting your pants like you had just got some action.” I stopped him after that and screamed out “wait excuse me?” Just as he was getting ready to reply, Renae walks into the apartment with some food. “Oh so the dead finally rose,” He said as he dapped me up laughing. I told him, “Man I do not remember nothing last night g. The last thing I can recall is throwing back black Henny shots.”  Renae laughed and said, “Well shit, with all that drinking y’all did, I’m surprised you’re up and functioning.” I rolled my eyes and went to feel on my pockets. I felt my wallet but for some reason i couldn’t feel my phone. I asked the guys if they seen my phone when they helped me back to my room. D-Will said, “Actually when we had to leave Shenanigans, you didn’t even have your phone on you. You told us to make sure your shorty give your phone back to you.” I looked at him confused and said, “Wait, my shorty? I don’t even have a girl. ” The guys all laughed and said otherwise. “So a shorty i don’t even know has my phone?  I asked. “How she even get it?” Renae replied, Apparently shit was going down and you told her to hold on to your phone. Shit got too wicked that we got kicked out the club early. We couldn’t go back in and get your phone because security was tripping.”  I asked how we got kicked out the party & he explained, “Some girls had bumped Maria homegirl & they was about to get to mixing it with each other. Right after that, some bitch ass niggas stepped up to the girls talking real crazy & disrespectful.  The whole gang almost showed out on them niggas.” D-Will followed up saying, “Shit was getting messy but they had to throw us out in order to calm the chaos down.” All I was thinking to myself “that gotdamn Hennessy Black.”  I’m kind of mad that I blacked out last night. D-Will’s phone ranged and it was Jon checking on us to see if we were good. I heard him ask if I was ok and D-Will told him that I was good but I didn’t have my phone. Jon said “Damn that was why he ain’t been picking up. We’ve been trying to call him all morning and didn’t get a response. I thought he wasn’t fucking with us after last night.” They continued talking and then D-Will let him know we were going to head over to their place to see how everybody else was doing. After that call, D-Will told us that we had a hotel kickback last night sometime right after Shenanigans. Meanwhile in my head, I’m wondering how all of our drunken asses pulled this off all in the same night. This is too much for me to process all at once. I’m liable to look and feel like a Mr. Krabs meme.  But I was looking forward to piecing this puzzle of mines in my head regarding last night’s antics. I don’t even remember messing around this chick the guys told me about last night. I can only imagine how lit my snapchat was. Before making moves, I had to get myself together & shower before we head over to the hotel. I put on a black tee, some grey Nike sweats, & my low top air maxes. I rode with D-Will & Renae over to the Westin, which was near the downtown.

We pulled up and luckily, I still see my car is parked and still in tact. I’m surprised hotel security didn’t press me about my car, but the hotel had their own lot secured so it wasn’t no biggie. We went up and found the girls room. We knocked on the door and was greeted by Maria as she said, “Glad to see somebody rose from the dead.” We saw everybody in here kicking shit, whether they were watching TV, conversing amongst one another or on they phones while the music was blasting “Gassed Up shorty” by Nebu Kiniza. “So y’all threw a kickback and ain’t tell the boy? What kind of friends are y’all?” I said in a jokingly matter. Jon laughed & yelled from the back of the room. “NIGGA YOU DID COME. YOUR DRUNK ASS JUST DECIDED TO LEAVE BUT WAS INCAPABLE OF DOING SO.” I was fake defensive to my homie and was said “Chill bro. That wasn’t me. That was my alter ego. I don’t remember last night outside of the Henny shots g. It was hazy for me & it doesn’t help that I lost my phone in the midst of the chaos, nor do i have my keys on me” Trell then told me he had my keys and threw them to me. I thanked my dawg for holding onto my keys. Then Maria asked me, “Nigga how did you lose your phone?” “Somehow someway, Renae confirmed with me that y’all niggas had got into it with some folks and we got kicked out. Somewhere within that time frame, I gave my phone to a chick so i can go & try to help y’all allegedly.” I explained to her. “Some bitch found herself trying to bark like she one of the big dogs so we had to bring her bulldog face ass down the earth,” she said. Sherri then followed up saying, “Bitch had all of us all the way fucked up, like we wouldn’t fuck they whole night up.” I laughed out lot & said, “Well obviously last night was eventful. Everybody then explained the different events from last night in between right after leaving the party & how we almost got the girls kicked out of their hotel room being reckless. You see what happens when you mix all of our black asses with Black Hennessy? You get this foolishness. All of our snapchats were lit last night no doubt in mind. I’m out of commission though so I wont know how lit my snaps were until i find shorty who has my phone. Everybody started to rewatch their snaps from last night. Luckily Marie happened to show me her snapchat while everybody was looking in between hers & Sherri’s seeing as they both got the juicy snaps.

Snapchat Flashbacks of last night

·       Scene is showing two big tables and the amount of cups, shot cups, etc. Some cups are empty while some are half filled as “Vibin in this bih” by Kodak Black playing in the background while Maria saying, “Y’all! All this liquor though. Whose Idea was this though? Larissa follows up with “Like really my nigga.”

·       ⁃ Scene is showing Everybody including CJ, Jon, Trell, Larissa, Keisha, Renae, & Jhene all at the bar taking shots of Hennessy while Maria is pumping they head up to take their shots. The music in the background playing is “Real Sisters by Future”

·       ⁃ Scene is showing everybody from they guys and the girl in the group dancing & rapping while “X” from 21 Savage & future playing in the background.

·       ⁃ Scene is showing Maria, Larissa, Sherri, Jhene, & all of the other girls are shown getting real litty at their table as they’re twerking, instigating, & doing the most while yelling out “AAYYEEE AYYEEE AAYYYYYE” being tossed around as “Hydraulics” from Uncle Luke playing in the background.

·       ⁃ Scene is showing Larissa & Jhene throwing their asses back on one another for “Throw that ass” contest between the two to compare whose ass is bigger. “I Heard” by Gucci & Rich Homie is playing in the background.

·       ⁃ Scene is showing where the girls are starting to throw it back on the guys all while “Controlla” by Drake is playing in the background.

·       ⁃ Scene is showing Sherri passionately throwing it back on Renae as if she is giving it her all while Renae sitting there in dis belief just taking all of the action. He proceeds to go and give Sherri that work on the dance floor while “Work” from Rihanna was playing in the background. Everybody is gassing those two up.

·       ⁃ Scene from snap showing a selfie of Marie & CJ soliciting all while catching Renae & Sheri making out in the background. They catch them sneakingly with them even knowing it.

·       ⁃ Scene from Snap showing Maria twerking up on the side of CJ all while he is at the table chilling attempting to ignore Maria’s dancing as it is failing. He then decides to get up from the table and start to take the action

·       Scene is showing Maria & Larissa venting about the events that took place while on the ride way back to the hotel. “Bitches these days always wanna try it with us until one gets knocked out trying to bark like a big dawg when they a little ass puppy.” Marie said.

·       Scene is showing everybody getting lit in the parking lot of the hotel while Bad & Boujee  by Migos is playing in the background.

·       Scene shows a quick glimpse in fast motion of the party in the hotel taking place as everybody is dancing and drinking.

·       Scene shows a very drunk CJ trying to get himself together after getting caught sleeping. “Friend you ok? You need my bed?” Maria said. CJ then laughs and proceeds to downplay the situation.

Watching  last nights recap had me cackling. The guys were right about Shenanigans. We  was out here doing the fucking most last night man. I can only imagine what kind of action i caught on my snaps. After watching some of those snaps, certain moments started coming back to me. The main one that came back to me was with Renae & Sherri’ getting into it with one another. The reason was because of not only the snaps but with how Maria & I had caught them flirting on the low  in the hotel room as if nobody was noticing We didn’t say nothing but we was laughing amongst one another. One particular memory  that also keeps coming back to me is this random yet beautiful dark skin joint. It was bits and pieces. I had this vivid memory of me & shorty being in the corner by the bathroom making out. It felt like more so a dream i had but it felt way too real for it to be just that. What’s funny was as soon as the thought came up; Jhene came to me and told me that she got a call from one of her friends saying they found the girl who had my phone. Apparently shorty name is Tasha & she happens to be a friend of Jhene. I think they both line sisters last time i checked. I thanked Jhene for that one and told the guys I was going to bust a mission to get my phone. Jhene told me I needed to meet the girls at their complex so I can get my phone.

I had D-Will & Jhene come with me since she knew the girls better than some of us. I got into my whip and drove all the way to the other side of town. I More memories of last night were starting to come back to me, but I still felt a way about blacking out. While talking with Jhene regarding my black out, D-Will interrupted and said, “I meant to tell you that about some shit that took place.” I looked at him like, “what you mean?” He told me not to worry about it and it was something we would discuss in private later. Something told me that it would have something to do with that Tasha girl that i randomly thought about. Moments later, we pull up to Highland Homes Apartment complex. It’s a nice apartment complex that’s right by “The North” where majority of their students live. There’s a few SXU students out there too that are in the mix as well. Too many parties go up out here but the cops are always here shutting shit down. Jhene was on the phone talking to ole girl directing us to their place. Within few minutes, we found the spot and pulled up. We met up with the girls and kicked it at their place for a bit. I ended up meeting Tasha and she looked exactly like how I thought she was. She stood about 5’7, dark skin smooth & glistening, & body was slim but had some meat on her bones. She had her hair in a scarf but she still managed to look good dressed down, either way. “So you the shorty that I gave my phone to last night,” I asked her as i was attempting to size her up. She replied back with a smirk, “You can say it’s a little something like that. We going to act like you not trying to size me up though shorty” I was amused at the response and took a step back and replied back by, “I can’t admire what I’m looking at though?” She smiled back at me and said, “Of course you can admire. I’m just saying there’s a difference between admiring and sizing up as if you were about to do something.” “Oh no, no one was going to do anything. I’m just liking what I’m seeing as though we had met last night, “I said back to her. Tasha, who was still smirking, said “Oh you definitely were admiring alright.” While at that moment, she gave my phone to me and thank her for holding on to it. “Do you even remember what we were doing last night,” she curiously asked me. I sat and thought for a second while looking at her and told her, “I don’t remember much of last night so if you can enlighten, please do so.” Tasha then giggled a little bit and went on to explain what happened. It appears my vision I’ve been having all day in my head was true. I met her with Jhene & then shorty walked me over to the bar to take shots. We danced in the party, and ended up making out in the party. Then things escalated between us.  Apparently I had pulled her away to the corner by the bathroom and were getting into it. Not too long after, she pulled me into the girls restroom in one of the stalls and proceeded to play some games with my meat. Some real intense games g. “Nigga..What” is all that i could say in my head. I’m really laughing that this actually happened. I’ve done some wild shit in my day. But this here my nigga…. This is in my top 5. “What’s crazy is that I’ve been having this reoccurring vision of me and you making out all over the party,” I told her. Suddenly we both started laughing, realizing how crazy all of this was. I told Tasha that I was surprised that nobody in the group noticed that I was gone for that long doing those things with a chick i literally just met. She then told me, “Shit happens in life sometimes. Sometimes you take it slow and go with the flow. And other times you just say fuck it and do what you feel is right for that moment. and What we did in that moment felt like it was right.” “True True,” I told her. We continued to chop it up for a little bit before we left. I found out her & I have few things in common, including our majors, love for music, and similar aspirations. I decided to get her number and keep in contact with her. These days you got to make connections and networks somehow; give or take the way we met was sorta, eh, Interesting. But nobody needs to know that. None of their business but ours. As were back on the road heading back to Maria’s telly, I glanced through my phone to see what I missed out on. And clearly my trapline was jumping last night. Text messages all on overload, missed calls, and i have hella dm from my snaps from last night. We got back to their spot and kicked it over there for a minute. We were all going to head out to another party later tonight but I told them We would pregame at my spot, but I needed to catch up on some rest before the night calls. I left their spot and returned to campus. I went on the bed and laid down for the moment. But before I go into nap land, I decided to go through my snaps to see what I caught & boy did I catch a lot. Never a dull moment in my life.

CJ’s snap’s from the Night before

·       Scene is showing CJ and the gang all taking shots while at the bar & bullshitting as “Go shorty go by Travis Porter is playing in the background.

·       Scene is showing CJ speaking to the selfie cam saying “Aye nigga we out here at Shenanigans nigga. Gang Lit in this bitch” and he turns camera back around to capture everybody at the table drinking, chilling, & dancing When they see the care they start to act up.

·       Scene is showing the party as they playing “Wat U Mean” by Dae Dae. Everybody is turnt up dancing from the guys and the girls at the group table.

·       Scene is showing part 2 as CJ is egging on his homeboys Jon & Trell for hitting them folks dancing to Wat U Mean by Das Dae. CJ is playing hype man is his homies proceed to kill the shit.

·       Scene is showing where DJ switched to Cant Go Out said with Migos and video shows CJ & Ronny hitting them folks and fooling around all while on the dance floor.

·       Scene is showing Where all the girls are shaking their ass to “Back the Azz Up” fom Juve. CJ an the guys are egging them.

Scene is showing Marie & Jhene comparing asses as “I Heard” is playing in the background. CJ is heckling them saying “Ok Ok ladies. Boot it up a notch one time.

·       Scene is showing Sherri putting that work in on Renae with Work playing in the background. CJ and everybody else is egging them on while snapping them as well.

·       ⁃Scene is showing the whole crew fooling around & turning up while  Good Drank by 2 Chainz playing in the middle of the hall by the walkway of the party.

·       Scene is showing all of the girls and guys dancing on one another all while controlla is in the background.

·       scene is also showing where CJ is getting a dance from Tasha. Snaps show someone recording CJ as he is deep into the dance with Tasha

·       Scene is showing Maria and Larissa both taking the shots to their head as bartender is pouring Fireball shot into their mouths. While “Pop That” is playing in the background.
Scene is showing CJ & Marie messing around acting a fool on snap all while catching Sherie & Renae in the back doing their thing dancing on one another like no one noticed. They see them making out & act fake surprised as they joke about the situation.

·       Scene is showing Larissa giving CJ one solid dance while Maria, Jon, & the gang egg those two on. Filcks are pics were all caught on camera.
Scene is showing how on fire the party scene was from CJ’s POV. The music in the background playing was “March Madness”

·       Scene is showing everybody rapping, dancing, & boping to Skrilla from Kodak Black.

·       Scene is showing the whole entire crew getting lit while “Party” was playing in the background.

·       Scene is showing Trell  pouring up more Hennessy Black shots for everybody as as “Money Longer” by Lil Uzi playing in the background.

·       Scene is showing sudden chaos as Larissa, Maria, & the girls were getting into it with a group of other girls and were almost getting ready to fight. Then guys come up across the room and proceed to talk crazy to the girl and CJ stops recording in order to confront them.

·       Scene is showing CJ snapping a pic of Black Hennessy bottle

·       Scene is showing CJ passing the Black Hennessy bottle around like it is communion as Future is playing in the background.

·       Scene is showing the everybody in the hotel parking lot turning up to “Bad & Boujee”

·       Scene is showing everybody walking through the lobby to the girls room while everybody is carrying bottles and more plastic cups. Everybody is talking & laughing loud and belligerent.

·       Scene is showing everybody in the hotel room showing the girls having a twerk contest amongst one another while “She Twerkin” by Cash Out playing in the background. The guys are all staring quietly and lusting over her.

·       Scene is showing Sherri shaking her ass while bounce music is playing and CJ points his camera to Renae and zooms in on his reaction and makes a slight joke about them.

·       Scene is showing all of the guys in the room getting danced on by the girls in the room while Back that Azz up was playing. CJ switches camera view to selfie to show his reaction and everybody else in the background lit and getting their camera shine.

After going through all of my snaps, all I can think to myself was that this is going to be a long wild ass ride this junior year and I’m all here for it.

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