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Still - a poem

Still - a poem

"Don't make promises, promises are meant to be broken…"

You loved to say this

As if I thought the power of a promise was something to play with

I promised to be there

Thick and thin alike

I promised we'd never go to bed angry

Even after vicious fights

I promised to love you

With every morsel in my soul

Promised from our first touch

I'd never let you go

Promised to be there

When they called your name

To watch you teary eyed

Walk across that stage again

Promised to play your record

When you present me with our baby girl

Promised the smell of sweet cigars

When our Boy joined the world

Promised to be the helping hand

Cut your diaper time in half

Be the daddy to our kids

That we both wished we had

Watch them grow

Raise them in our likeness

Our Princess to a Queen

With your elegance and grace

And my heart to fight with

Groom our Prince to be kind

Treat women with respect

Promised to be a great parent with you

So our children never experience neglect

Of all my promises

Even the ones I couldn't keep

You can hold this one with you forever

As you work

While you sleep

While you struggle to explain to the kids

Why daddy is no longer here

Like our love that never died

I will always be there

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