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Strange Love

Strange Love

This is nothing short of strange.

Just so that we’re clear, I mean strange in the most beautiful way possible.

There are so many layers to it.

I like peeling them off just as we peel off each other’s layers.

Since we’re at it, tell me about the many flavors.

Of course, you know all about them.

I know you try not to hold back but the circumstances complicate things just a tad bit.

When we’re together, we’re together.

We never think about the times that we spend apart.

Even with the distance between us, we are still so close.

I can feel your heart beating. I can see the way your chest expands with every breath of me. Take it all in. Inhale. Exhale.

It gets easier, the harder it gets.

We know that there’s only a matter of time before we run out of time.

We spend it wisely.

Every moment counts.

Each minute between pink matters.

These feelings don’t die easily.

I love feeling the feels when you’re feeling me.


The strangest of love.

To us, it’s the most amazing thing ever.

They’ll never figure this out. They’re just not that clever.

In the event that they do, we shrug it off and say “whatever”.

How can we give a damn about the others when it’s only us between these covers?

We don’t. We won’t.

With a love as strange as this, I’m not sure that I know what “regular” love is.

This is us.

This is it.

We couldn’t stay away, even when we tried.

Each conversation draws us closer.

These love drunk words are everything that the sober mind is thinking.

Anchored by your love, my heart is sinking.

Quickly falling for you.

What is my heart thinking?

Either way, we don’t fight it.

Let go and let love.

It maybe the strangest ever but you can’t front, you’ve gotta LOVE love.

Strangest love.

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