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Poetry: Sun God

Poetry: Sun God

I woke up with the sun peeking over the city, barely kissing the rooftops.

Branches extending like your grandmother's slender finger's, while the crisp air runs up my back along my neck.

My spirit invigorated by Oshun's blessings as this new season gains momentum. 

I fell asleep to bad news and transgressions, but rose up from under the ashes of limitations. 

Whatever the Queen mother has in store for me is much more than I expected.

See I intended to be weighed down by the cancerous melancholy but in my folly I hastily forgot about my purpose.

I'm alive in a wondrous, marvelous time. By wonder I don't mean every day will be sunshine, I mean wonder, as in I wonder why I'm still alive.

I mean wonder, wonder why the bullets continue to fly I mean wonder, like why my brothers and sisters continue to die.

So I wonder, how things will change between you and I, love each other, because who else will hold value over our lives.

When I write prose I hope you know that my intentions are pure although my aura can be clouded by negativity. 

And why to be in my state of mind I can't always be sublime because of the conditions we continue to thrive.

Until I see that Sun, rays licking over my face, and I can recall that my race was geometrically aligned. 

Equatorial beings close to the Earth's core or highly elevated to the brightest Star, then I remember, never to forget who we are.

They can kill our bodies but can't capture our soul and every time you smile it kills them 100 times more. 

And every time you shine the world becomes less dim, and every time you grind dividing lines become thin. 

And even though you lose, those will one day become a greater win, and your reflection will be the light in the tunnel at the end. 

These are tears of joy in the face of antiquity.

These are prayers we don't fall prey to our enemies.

These are moments made to change our own history.


Photo Series: S.O.S. (Shot On Sight) Vol. 34 - Oakland, CA

Photo Series: S.O.S. (Shot On Sight) Vol. 34 - Oakland, CA

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