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Wally's Words: Sweet Solace - a poem

Wally's Words: Sweet Solace - a poem

And then it happened 

While the deafening screech of tires 

Are met with the bone chilling screams 

Of the incoming driver 

Everything freezes 

Our eyes lock 

projecting every moment shared 

The reel of our lives spin simultaneously 

Frozen in time 

Numbed by fear 

I am comforted by the very first time I saw that smile 

With my entire life flashing before my eyes 

All I can see is you 

With seconds to spare 

I'm falling in love again 

The first face I want to see in the morning 

Is the last face I'll ever see 

And I couldn't imagine a sweeter irony 

Settled by your touch 

I've never felt safer 

You mouth "it's ok" 

While reality in the form of a 18 wheeler 

Barges it's way into the front seat 

Attempting to separate any united front we vowed to keep 

Fear tried 

But in the end Love prevailed 

Even in the face of danger

Yours was the most important 

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