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Poetry: Tears

Poetry: Tears

Can't be ashamed to admit it

My eyelids would never make a good dam.

Liquid soul pours down my face I ain't afraid to.

Contents of my emotions in every drop.

Too bad most of us were told not to.

I wish I could bottle them up and put them on display in other places besides my cheeks.

Wish you could share yours whenever we don't understand.

Exchange the saltines of our pain or the bittersweet moments of our joy.

Instead hands cover and tissues absorb the components of us.

Wipe them on my sleeve or leave them on my shoulder.

Hide them in your pillows or let them join the cascades in the shower.

Please don't stifle them.

Don't squeeze your eyes shut to keep the world from knowing what exists inside of you.

The earth cries too and it can be as gentle as a spring dew or as furious as a typhoon.

But if it held back the ground would crack and split in two.

They say if you're big don't let it show but I haven't seen it work in practice.

So let it flow, it's cool.

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