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The Everlasting

The Everlasting

Author’s note: This poem marks the first time I have worked with anybody on a poem, so I was initially hesitant about this piece. With that in mind, it was a unique experience. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Jala, really made things a lot easier and did most of the hard work here.

The Everlasting

Without your mother you wouldn’t breathe your first breath

Without your mother you wouldn’t take your first steps

Without your mother you couldn’t be you

From the moment your heart took its first beat

From the moment your lungs took their first gasp of air

Your mother loved you unconditionally

Your first, your last, your always

She held you close to her heart, protected you from harm

Sheltered you from the elements, cloaked you in her love

She watched you grow up

She watched you mature

She watched you succeed

She watched you fall in love

She watched you mess up

She watched you cry

She watched you disappoint

She watched your heart break

All the things I criticized you for

All the things I was angry about

I now understand.

Mothers spot the slithering snakes,

The friends in your life that weren’t.

Warned you of their poison, cautioned you of their bite

You get angry and shun her

Every time, you get angry and lash out

What does she know? My mother could never understand

Before you know it, you’re back in mom’s bedroom

Crying to her

Realizing she was, unfortunately, right

Appreciating the wisdom you cast aside

Appreciating her concern, and her guidance

She is your therapist.

Your best friend.

Your protector.

Your guard.

Don’t deny your mother’s love

Without her, you are not you

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