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Theories: Ha - Juvenile

Theories: Ha - Juvenile

Juvenile's Ha is one of the greatest songs ever recorded. I mean you have Mannie Fresh in his prime on the production and Juve was putting Cash Money on the map with 400 Degreez. Ha drops and even Jay-Z had to touch the remix.

The song is a classic, no question! However, there's more to the song than most people care to question. Luckily I'm not one of those people. I have a theory; either Juve was wearing a wire, drunk, or trying to provoke this gentleman he's badgering. I'll break down each point.

He gives off a wire wearing vibe with questions like:

"I know I ain't trippin, don't yo brother got them birds, ha?" -  Fam why you wanna know if his brother has fowls for retail? Them people know you mean DRUGGGSSSS, relax.

"You know how to use a triple beam, ha? Shit ain't hard as it seem, ha?" - So you're saying he's well known for using this scale to weigh up said drugs and as soon as he says "yea I do my thing" they're gonna hop out with walkie talkies and handguns.

"Yo face was on the news last night, ha? You was the one robbed them lil’ dudes out they shoes last night, ha?" - Man, what? Not only have you identified him, you just flashed the interrogation lights and pinned the armed robbery on him. Definitely had suspenders on your Girbauds and a wire in the fro with this one.

 I say he was drunk because of lines like these:

"Yo dick got hard, ha?! WHEN YOU WAS LOOKIN AT THEM LIL BROOAAADS, ha?"- Reminds me of the drunk uncle at the cookout who sits in one chair all day sending the kids to get him drinks. "aye nephew...aye phew! you out here gettin some aintcha...haaaa man you ain't gettin no ass."

"You spent semmnee (70) on ya Benz, ha? That ain't yours that's one of yo friends, ha?"- Definitely the hating uncle who just took the last shot of E&J. Reminiscent of when Akeem said he used juices and berries in his fro and the barber said "oh that ain't nothing but a ultra perm."

Here's where the provoking comes into play:

"You wanna bust one of them niggas heads, ha? you ain't scared, ha? You know how to play it, ha?"- This is putting the battery in someone's back while passing them a cup of Henny at its absolute finest.

"I know you ain't gon let a nigga come and punk you, ha? stunt in front you, ha? straight up RUN you, ha?"- He was definitely cleaning the burner and loading it as he passed homie a woolie to hit before he set out to lay multiple people down for disrespect.

Side note: Juve already asked this gentleman about his child support situation early on in the song, right? He knew his bread wasn't all the way up, and still said "you bought my tape wit ya check, ha?" - bro how much was your tape? Or did you just know all he had after the child support was $18.37 to spend?

There are a few different ways to look at this situation and break it down, and it had to be done. Either way, you can tell there was an unlit Newport hanging off his lip and multiple motives when he recorded this.

Case closed, ha?

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