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The Vault: Unsure - a poem

The Vault: Unsure - a poem


It's surprising the way you move me

Been a while since I let my love roam so loosely

Usually I'm choosy

But you confuse me

I didn't intend to lean this far into you

& Now the weight of me is crushing us

Expectations crushing you

I showed up here with my heart hell bent on keeping it casual

But lately, all I can think about is loving you

While you're chasing love

I'm debating love

Licking the wounds received from a forsaken love

There's no mistaking Love

Heals all

Could I even take in love?

Yea the Sparks fly when we're making love

But I'm skeptical since I've witnessed someone faking love

So what's your take on love?

I've never known it before

Only what I've read & seen in the movies

Maybe we could Love Jones our way into eternity

Be the lead in an iconic love scene

What I'm feeling is urgent to me

Or maybe you'll turn out to be another villain

It's hard to tell but it's too late to turn back

I want to explain it away but

There are way too many feelings

What I know would scare you

I want to give all my love

But I'm not prepared to

I'm still fighting demons

And I know you hate being compared to

The mistakes of my past

And the the baggage you've become heir to

I could never be her

& You’ll never be him

I would never be her

Please, tell me you'll never be him

I could never be him

We would never be them

Spend too much time on the past

Our future will never begin

Tell me I'm safe with you

& I'm ready

I will let go and let us

If you let me

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