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The Bar - a poem

The Bar - a poem

I was wondering if you could see me, feel me

From across the room

You walked in, she began to cry

My heart raced and

The vibrations between my thighs matched

The intensity of the magnetic pull between us

I was sipping Jack

Found myself thinking of taking shots of you

There's something particularly crisp about my Mcallan tonight

Can't tell whether if it's the whiskey making my hairs stand

Or the preemptive meeting of the eyes, while you nurse your drink

Ice diluting spirits during this heated standoff

While the smooth burn of the whiskey dies down

The intensity of your stare ignites embers around us

A straight line of flames

Rapidly bursting from your seat to mine

As if we were the only people in this bar

Lust GPS'ing us to one another

I set my drink down

You raise yours to your lips

This game we're playing

Subtle yet sexy

With one last swig and a slam of the glass

I make my way to you

As if I were walking on my own will

However your passion had me entranced

Moving in a Hypnotized trot

Collecting my thoughts and composure as I ask to sit

I noticed you walking over, fixed my hair

Licked my lips

I want to play nonchalant but it's too much

Your scent

And as you take your seat, I'm lost

I repent

For the sins that rush through my mind

The indecencies I plan to commit

I don't want to come on too strong but

There's only one thing on my mind

You go on and on with small talk

I want to know about tonight

Will you take me home?

Or can we get a room?

Did I pack an overnight bag?

If I lean in, will you assume…

…that I'm ready for what's next or

Are you...

Ready, too?


"Two Manhattans straight up"

Stage is set

Martinis to shave the edge your states have created

I can feel your lust leaping off your lips with every word

Struck and entranced

My blabbermouth steals the attention

Work, experience, travels

Chatting about everything but the obvious task at hand

While my mouth runs a mile

My mind envisions what I'd rather use my mouth for

Second round of drinks arrive

My speech and tone normalized

I'm engaged and targets locked

I'm back

Givenchy Pi polluting our airspace

Scents hit her nostrils

The reaction is pleasant

A slight lip bite and eye roll tells me that I'm in

Guards penetrated

From the tear

Your sex conscious reaches out and pulls me in

I want to play hard to get

But you

I don't want to miss

If tonight is my only chance

I'll try anything once, no regrets

I bite my bottom lip, again

And again

Thinking of the way you taste

Your scent, a hint

All I want now is to press you into the wall in my foyer, dig my nails into your skin

The bartender delivers a round of shots

I wonder

Who ordered this?

It doesn't matter, this round

Will be the last round

We're going in

More drinks by the way of a friendly bartender


I want to fully enjoy you tonight

If the squirms leg crosses are any indications

Another round of drinks may nullify the desire a room

I can't even remember which round were on

You will share that thought later

Two things that need to be settled immediately

Your insatiable desire

And the bill

I reach into the breast pocket of my blazer

Usher a undisclosed estimate to the bar keep

And grabs your hand in haste

I'm parked outside but the Uber ride presents a precursory thrill

Also I want to be able to use both of my hands during this ride

I play reluctant well as I

Follow you outside

Truth is I can't wait to climb into the backseat

Feel your fingers press into me

Open my legs and close them back

Bite your lips, a little tease

A 15-minute ride feels like an eternity

When I think

Of all the places I'm wishing you will take me

An overflow of desire from my

Softest place

Seconds from exploding

I don't think I'll make it

It's growing increasingly difficult to not tear off your clothes on the back of this classy Honda sentra

My hands wrapped around your waist

Your teeth in my neck

The tighter I grip you the deeper you sink

Reaching back to grab my erection

Your hands coupled the silk of my suit

Is almost unbearable

With all nerve endings screaming to take you

Here now

Screw what reaching home will entail

I want you now

I should wait

But I can't

And just as I unbuckle

The Bentley sentra comes to a spot


We collect our things and head to the door

5 stars and tip warranted for such a non-invasive driver

I fumble my keys in anticipation

All composure lost as I look for them on the ground

The door opens mid search

And she proclaims

"Oh, I see you've brought a guest."

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