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Show Us the Lie - a poem

Show Us the Lie - a poem

White women, you are the devil

Debate us, debate ya mama

Either way, tell ya daddy to call us

You exploit the black men we seek to love

Y’all give him mixed babies, yet

He still comes back to us

Looking to be built like only a black woman can build him

Looking to be fixed like only a black woman could fix him

Please, show us the lie.

For example, the Kardashians have a monopoly on black men

OJ. Tyga (Yuck). Tristian. Kanye. Lamar. James. Should we continue?

Never mind, we don't want them

You take from us and then expect us to save the fucking country

Like, how we supposed to build the entire black race whilst

Nurturing your culture stealing kin

Hi, to the 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump

Just. Kidding. Girls. Bye.

Black women show up and show out

But were you expecting any different?

We told someone, “Black women will always stand up for black men, even when they don’t support us, even when they wreck us over and over again.”

But please, show us the lie.

Y’all want the black man without the black issues.

Where were you when they were gunned down?

Dontre. Eric. John. Michael. Ezell. Dante. Akai. Tamir. Rumain. Jerame. Tony. Phillip. Eric. Walter. Freddie. Philando. Alton.

No, keep reading.

Say his name.

Then, when you’ve said it.

Say it again.

Keith. Amadou. Manuel. Ronald. Gregory. Samuel. Brendon. Christian. Laquan. Jamar. Ramarley. Manuel. Sean.

You want the black babies

You don’t want the black privilege

It’s nonexistent

Show us the lie.

When our men are incarcerated for trafficking the drugs

He was selling to your friends

to support you and your whiteness

to affirm you and your white righteousness

how many white women actually showed up

Less than ten percent

HRC is a joke.

Please, show us the lie.

We long for the black man to hold us up while we birth the next generation

True chocolate babies

Kings who will change the world.

Queens who will make a mark.

But, please, debate us

The pimp hand is strong for a nation we haven’t even carried yet.

The nation we want.

The nation we support.

The babies we will love.

One village, one voice

What about yours?

Without us.


Show us the lie.

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