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The Other Side

The Other Side

He said "fuck this shit!"

He's tired of my shit.

The other men.

The complaining.

The constant nagging.

Can you blame him?

I brought in baggage from previous relationships, previous hurts.

I unloaded them right at his front door.

Eventually, each of my insecurities crept right back in our bed:

doubt, jealousy, paranoia

They convinced me that I wasn't enough.

That he didn't love me enough.

So I found someone else who would make up for the lack of love I thought I wasn't receiving.

Why didn't I just leave him?

Because I am selfish.

He's my comfort zone.

The other guy was just a good time.

In the words of Jay, I was gonna get right back.

Now he's telling me he's sick of my shit.

He's tired of my shit.

Tired? I'm exhausted

All the fights and losses

All the nights we forfeit

Fuck our life 

I'll give all of it

To leave your ass in the wind

Yea we fight often

But this might need coffins

Oh, don't ask to be friends

Because I'm sick of your shit

Fuck it

Don't touch my bags

You wasn't worried when you doing it

What type of effects it would have

Had me acting funnyin front of friends

Struggling through your game nights

Our friends leave us

You leave me

And be with him in the same night

You ain't right

You not even playing the game right

You know I overheard you moaning saying his name right?

I thought I was strong enough to wait it out

Let it past

Everyday assuring my self

She's just bored

It won't last

Dumb and naive to think I could make "we" work

All I needed was to realize that my feet work

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