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The River - a poem

The River - a poem

I panicked.

The water filled my lungs at rapid speed

The waves crashed down all around me

And you saw me there


But you never came for me

& I was confused because you

Had this way with storms

You stopped the rain and silenced thunder

You calmed the wind, there within me

You shielded wildfire

And I trusted you to keep me

But I somehow kept breaking

I planned to wait for you in every place,

In every moment

I dreamt dreams, set my intentions, and released every soul tie

I burned away the remnants of old lovers under the super moon

Whispered healing vibrations while you slept

Tibetan Bowls still hold all that was left

I ran my fingers down your spine hoping to erase her

Fixed on mastering me, you abandoned love and now I'm here


Under the weight of you

Because wild love tames itself

But I guess I was too wild for you because

I can't breathe


About how I healed your love

But you could see me

Just below the surface and instead of

Pulling me out

You turned around

And continued loving her

I was frozen

Stuck in time and emotion

My mind tried to save you

But my broken heart couldn't

If the force of the storms still affected you

What do you think it did to me?

I took on the eye

Walked into a love

Ravaged by past storms

Winds knocked over every bit of self-esteem

Confidence and self worth scattered across a dark lonely nest

No ritual or spell

Prayer or practice

Could heal me

It was either break with you


Well, I decided to save myself

Jumping back in to suffer with you sounds honorable

But it feels horrible

The energy you've saved whilst protected by me

Surely enough to get you to shore

Stand on two feet

Strength is what you gave me

You must have some left

You have feet

And I could feel you pulling

Yearning, dreaming

Attached to old feelings

Hoarding a love that's long been lost

Your grip tight and relentless

You had me bond emotionally

Until the waves came to wash you away

So still I stood

For the only way to severe your grip

Was to let you drown

And I did,


Passed through hell and heaven

Before I washed ashore



Because gods do the healing and

The saving

So, in your mind you were the savior but


I sacrificed my wanting you to keep you


Our last interaction was my goodbye

I saw you loving me and I

Could not let you burn.

I could not let you die.

So, I took on the pain that could've been yours

There's no lie in the destruction I've left behind

No tale in the burns on your hands

It's never safe to play with fire so

When we came near to the river

I threw myself in.

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