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The Surprise - Part 1

The Surprise - Part 1

Terry stands over me waiting for a response as I finally pick up my keys

Sporting a ice blue teddy

Matching lingerie

Jimmy Choo pumps that lace halfway up her thigh

With lust and intrigue displayed all over her face

"Only if you approve"

I rise slowly dusting myself off

Locking eyes with Terry

Kennedy is pressed up against my back

I can feel her short rapid breaths and heart pounding through her chest

Without looking I can sense her stare burning into me

Her breathing mimics a ticking clock

It's like she's waiting for directions

"Well are you just going to stand in the cold? "

To my surprise Kennedy releases my hand and heads into the house

I close the door behind me eager to open another one

I look up at the goddess standing in the threshold, look back at Trevor and back to her again

I grip Trevor's hand tighter; I'm not sure what kind of game we're playing

But my body responds to her voice and before I can stop myself

I am releasing the hold I have on Trevor

I lock eyes with the woman at the door as I move near to her

She makes just enough room for me to ease pass, gently traces my thigh with the tips of her fingers as I make my way further inside

My skin is burning, moist with anticipation

Trevor always picks the most beautiful women.

She is no different.

I can't wait to have her under me

My mouth waters for what she will taste like as I make her squirm

She floats pass me I smell her essence.

He comes in soon after and pecks me on the lips

"She's beautiful" I whisper in his ear

"I know" he challenges back

This is going to be a long night

I'm preparing my drink as the women frolic on the new leather chaise

Terryanne has a keen sense of style

Her selections normally turn host to our guest

The sound of the hide against their skin sends chills up my spine

And with one gulp down my whiskey primed to engage

The sound of my Ferragamos hits the marble floor with near thunderous taps

My footsteps bother them not

Totally intertwined in each other

Until I reach over to Terry

Grabbing her head back to taste Kennedy on her lips

The pairing of 50-year whiskey and her nectar blends masterfully

With my Blazer off and draped along a bar stool

I begin loosing my tie

Terryanne's favorite

I easily distract her with the silk against her skin that immediately reignites her

Kennedy, fascinated by Terry's sensitivity,

Joins me in the her torment

Kissing her neck whilst pinning down her hands

I separate her thighs with mine to prevent her from squirming

The smooth fabric traces every inch of her captive body

The once lilac tinted tie now shows dark purple spots as the silk soaks up moisture seeping from Terry's apex

She tosses her head back

Her back forms the deepest curl

I see her biting hard on her lip

One thing usually follows

I lean over and whisper, "hold it" in her ear as her body begins to shake

I tell Kennedy to not let up

The look she gave in me receipt rushed more blood to my already throbbing erection

Suddenly, it's my turn

Terry, weak from the moments before bites my bottom lip as I lean back one hand pressed firmly against Trevor's chest

The other digging deeply into her skin

Somehow Trevor has found his way inside me

And as I ease my yoni backwards and slowly forward

I begin to picture Terry more than him

It's difficult to tell what's real and what isn't

My mind keeps shooting from what's happening in front of me to

The way I'm being filled

It's like they both knew me before tonight

Terry's soft, aggressive kisses

Trevor's pulling my head back

I'm one step behind him

As he trails my neck with his lips

By the time I feel the heat

He's moved on and I'm

Raining down in his lap

I'm not ready to let go but I can't...

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