Far from timid • Caveat Lector

Can I Taste You?

Can I Taste You?

Can I taste you?

Every drop captured I won't waste you

Kiss the trail you leave lemme trace you

Looking upwards how I want to face you

I'd say yes, if I thought you were ready

Nectar so sweet

You'll never forget it

I'd have to drip slowly

Give me your hands

I'll show you what wet is

I'm already down here

There's no need for hands

I feel the warm flush as your body shakes

And the cooling of your nectar

Making it way down your thighs

Slow down, I'm not that easy

What you're seeing is the flow of anticipation

I'm almost ready now

To reward you for your patience

Keep steady

Rhythm like African drums

I roll my hips

In sync with your tongue

I allow my breathing to match yours

Using your pulse as cadence

Drunken by your sway

In a trance as my mouth waters

Your breaths quicken

Mine follow in concert

I bite down on my inpatient lips

Watching your gyrations

My slow wine quickens

As you whisper lust letters on every part of me that unfolds

I try to pull you deeper but

You're already as far as you can go

I dig my nails into the parts of you I can reach

My back arches, my hips roll underneath

My legs wrap tightly, ankles locked

Tears drop

And though you're whispering to my yoni

I can hear it all around me,

I want to feel you now

But I can't imagine you stopping

The whispers I deliver are met by glorious moans

And pleas for continuation

So much a whisper can do

With my hands resting comfortably on the curl in your back

I hum on ever part of you that protrudes

Hoping to strike a chord

Tongue strumming your clit in symphonic fashion

You pant in complete rhythm and sync with my lips

Secured by your leg lock

And careful to not harm myself

I lift and turn under you

Then lower you down slowly

Allowing you full range to glide as you please

I brace myself on the wall in front of me

I want to scream but now the intensity of

What's happening has taken over

My mouth just opens and closes

I bite down on my bottom lip

Your arms wrapped around my thighs

Lifting me up

Letting me back down again

I want to control our rhythm

But my muscles are giving in

I don't want to drown you

I hope you can drink me all in

My heart has stopped beating

The throbbing is all between my legs

Your relentless and I'm grateful

When I said that you could taste me

I didn't picture this

Your release has not only soaked the sheets

But also made a mess of me

Drenched I lean up to give your yoni a kiss of gratitude

I then use my now slick beard as a bib

To clean both of us

Making a bigger mess in the process

I can think of only one reconciliation to

the excess pooling of your essence

With both arms locked around your waist

I slide you down onto another inpatient part of me

He bursts through your gates gallantly

Until met with stoppage

Pushing thru your walls that refuse to give way

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

They cum immensely

Together in unison

With you convulsing and pulsating around me

Draining every drop I had left

Fuck. If that's it...

I'll take it.


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