Far from timid • Caveat Lector



You've awakened my love with

No intention of resting there in her warmth

And now she burns with longing

Waiting to be filled by you and only you

So many await the chance but

None with the ability to expand

And fill voids

To catch her tears

To absorb her pulsing

To leave her numb as water

Falls leave impressions on where I lie

Before she anchored, holding on

Consuming the girth of you

My amazement never ceases

Watching your love escape its dormant state

Once secured and guarded walls

Cold and curvish

Warming up to welcome me

Granting exclusive access that many rival

Yet only I call claim to membership

It's just as good as I remembered it

The rush of your love submerges me

Like raging white water

Crashing against lustful flesh

You grip

I wince

Reminded that you clutch the best

Rocking together managing to stay afloat

The flow of your love determines the way the boat

Motions through a sea of passion

Inspired by your anticipation

The shore waits

Let's not keep it waiting

All control had been released

The beautiful wreckage proof of

Your inability to withstand the

Storm created by the vibrations

Bouncing off the walls keeping me

From venturing any deeper, for now

And after some time

As if sculpted only to respond to

You, the walls soften

Revealing a new threshold

You've yet to conquer my

Capacity for the pressure

Between the rush of the waves and the


Breathing becomes difficult and

Everything begins spinning

Pulsing, constricting

This was meant to be

A simple day out at sea but

You’ve caught me

And I'm all wrapped up in your net

I try to escape but

You pull me back in

Demanding and slow


Quick again

Try to relax

Anchor here

Don’t release, not yet

Deliberate tugs until

Your essence gravitates back to me mimicking the tides effect on sand

Your grip eroding

Collision is once again imminent

And like rough waves striking unsuspecting Shores

We collide

Lustful intentions swirl around us

Creating a typhoon of passion

The gusts of wind steal the little gasps of breath you have left

Breathing was already an ordeal you were failing to maintain

Tempest fading

Body weakening

Inner goddess beckoning

Your climax at my mercy

As you collapse into a pool of ecstasy

I occupy my aquatic throne relishing in your euphoria

The App You Didn't Know You NEEDED: Houseparty

The App You Didn't Know You NEEDED: Houseparty

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Issa Rae's Insecure issa Mirror