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Dear Natty - a poem

Dear Natty - a poem

Dear Natty,

First of all


Your responses lately have been the highlights of my day

Little do you know your words work wonders

Especially to help me clean up my many life blunders


Never thought I'd have a reason to write you

But there's a cloud a doubt I can't seem to fight through

Needless to say

She's perfect


Beauty knows no bounds

For some weird reason it shines even brighter when I'm around

Her smile?


Her curves?


Her aura it self

I have no words that can speak to

The unbelievable potency of her grace

Coffees no longer needed

I'm instantly alert when I see her face

There's something that holds me hostage

Every morning when she walks in

She politely nods in response to others

But to me she starts talking

"Good morning Greg"

"How was your weekend"

Sweat beads on my temple

My voice starts squeaking

Another awkward exchange

I always fear there'd be no more

But always a "Have a great day Greg"

With a smile as she walks thru the door

For me the smile is lighter

Or maybe it's my imagination

Either way I need your help

In courting this goddess

I'm scared of chasing

Signed Greg, Hopeless and willing

Dear Hopeless & Willing,

Let me begin by saying imaginations often run wild

But only as far as the universe allows

Focus on her hellos, her light, her smile

It isn't a coincidence that she sees you

That she engages your senses

Your nervousness is proof

That the universe arranged it

Don't rush anything

Relax, take your time

I know you've memorized her body

Now focus on what drives her

Explore her ambitions & Use what you find

Because the only thing better

Than a man who can lead a woman to ecstasy

Is a man who can support her dreams

As a matter of fact

Show her you can do both

Be present with her in this moment

But show her the possibilities

Pray For Rain - a poem

Pray For Rain - a poem

For Promotional Use Only: J. Cole

For Promotional Use Only: J. Cole