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Poetry: To Be Continued...

Poetry: To Be Continued...

Never a perfect picture. T

Too many broken hearts & $300 makeup to hide her flawed features.

We're too caught up in unrealistic perfection.

But that's what she expected so "us" had to be over.

If "us" even existed because the only thing I loved is what happened between the covers.

But just like my dick gotta mind, yo pussy catch feelings.

And I knew I was in your head cause one day I'll blow you off, the next you let me hit it.

Silly broad.

In your head you thought love was materialistic.

Fuck emotions as long as you always had Indi Remi weave & bare again lipstick.

We both need to get our shit together.

I saw lust, you saw loving in the wrong sense. but, you live & learn.

Love & lose.

You got fucked up luck in men but maybe it's how you pick & choose.

People ruin everything they touch, including each other.

Bringing insecurities from one relationship into another, a never ending cycle of damaged hearts.

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